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Managing a tutoring agency

Managing Your Tutors Whilst Managing Your Risk

 Chrissy Jones
The business of managing people is laden with risk which could cost the business in the long run. With a 7% decline in UK HR budgets, according to CIPD stats,…
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Introducing The Feature Crunch

 Sam Jenkins
The Feature Crunch is a new segment that we are launching where we hope to give you our insight on specific areas of TutorCruncher. Our whole philosophy is to…
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Administering Tuition Agencies and Centers

 Rob Willets
If you take the average salary of an admin to be £15,000 not including pension and national insurance contributions, a TutorCruncher Startup plan of £50 per…
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Keeping up with the web-design times

 Mark Biggins
So your tutoring business has a website. You gave it quite a lot of attention when it was built, ensuring that it looked professional and enticing and had an…
Managing a tutoring agency Marketing

New Year’s Marketing Resolutions - SEO or not?

 Mark Biggins
As children head back to school and parents head back to work, it’s a chance for tutoring agencies to take stock and think about their marketing approach.…
Managing a tutoring agency Marketing

Tutor Retention

 Mark Biggins & Tom Hamilton Stubber
Most tutoring companies actually function as tutoring agencies - they connect self-employed tutors with clients looking to hire them and either provide a way…
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Efficient Invoicing

 Tom Hamilton Stubber
Being able to manage your invoices efficiently is a cornerstone of running a successful business, but there are some challenges to overcome and pitfalls to…
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