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How to start a Nannying/Childcare agency

 Tom Hamilton Stubber
Nannies have been around for over a hundred years, and the industry is always expanding. If you're someone who can see the opportunity in starting a childcare…
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Do I Need Driving School Management Software?

 Fionn Finegan
The Potential Pitfalls of Driving School Management Let's paint a picture and see how familiar it seems; You founded a driving school a few years back, and…
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How Do I Choose the Right Tutoring Software for Me?

 Fionn Finegan
Firstly, you are asking the right question by looking for a software to help you handle the administrative workload. Admin costs scale up astronomically when…
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How Private Tutoring Can Help Children with ADHD

 Susan Wallace
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental disorder that affects mostly boys, making it extremely difficult for them to concentrate and focus…
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A Frenchy's Experience at TutorCruncher

 Hugo Delannoy
For the past 3 months, I have been interning at TutorCruncher. My studies in IT in the EISTI engineer school (France) require an internship abroad, and so I…
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A Fond Farewell

 Sam Jenkins
Dear fellow TutorCrunchers, After having been a part of the TutorCruncher furniture for nearly two years, the time has come for me to bid TC a fond farewell. I…
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How to Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Tutor

 Chrissy Jones
It may come as a surprise that 25% of Americans find their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. For a freelance tutor, the stress of the job can…
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Free tutoring management software - can it work?

 Sam Jenkins
For those of you who aren’t already aware, TutorCruncher offers business management software specialised to the needs of the tutoring industry. We’re pretty…
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TutorCruncher is having a party!

 Sam Jenkins
We are having a party at our new office! The plan is to celebrate the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year on our office rooftop, which will (fingers…
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We’re Hiring a Business Development Manager

 Sam Jenkins
TutorCruncher is hiring a business development manager. We are a SaaS Startup which has quickly become the market leader in its niche. We offer specialised…
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We’re Hiring a Junior Developer

 Sam Jenkins
TutorCruncher is hiring a junior developer. We are a SaaS Startup which has quickly become the market leader in its niche. We offer specialised business…
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GDPR Legislation and TutorCruncher Part 3

 Sam Jenkins
Once more, TutorCruncher has been busy working with its users to prepare for 25th May, when GDPR legislation will come into effect. In this post, we wanted to…
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GDPR Legislation and TutorCruncher Part 2

 Sam Jenkins
The General Data Protection Regulation is to come into effect on 25th May 2018. In short, this legislation will regulate the way that individuals’ data is…
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TutorCruncher and GDPR

 Sam Jenkins
With the incoming GDPR legislation on 25th May 2018, TutorCruncher is making changes to the way we handle data and clarifying our terms and conditions. This…
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Star Rating remains the most important part of a Review

 Susanna Ganjalyan
If you are running a company, you surely know all about how critical online reviews can be._ A lot of people check the ratings on favorite sites like…
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Tutoring to Your Advantage — How to Use it to Reduce Costs

 Chrissy Reynolds
Tutoring is stigmatized to the point where the United States government reports only 21% of all students actively seek help academically. After considering the…
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Flexible Billing

 Sam Jenkins
At TutorCruncher, we offer a specialised business management system for tutoring companies around the world. The fact that we work with a global clients is…
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TutorCruncher August Newsletter

 Sam Jenkins
Here we are at the end of August, a time for many to get back to business after summer vacation. The academic year 2017/18 beckons! In the Northern Hemisphere,…
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Tutoring Software Wars — Part 2 - Oases, TutorPanel and TutorCruncher

 Sam Jenkins
The first installment of Tutoring Software Wars introduced and compared two of our competitors — LearnSpeed and Teachworks. Give Part 1 a quick read if you…
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TutorCruncher January Newsletter

 Sam Jenkins
2017 is now very much in full swing! We hope that the new year has been positive so far for everyone and that a solid platform has been created, from which…
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How Tutorcruncher Began

 Luke Christian
Sitting in a basement, phones ringing veritably every minute, after a buzzing first year in business at Bright Young Things around mid 2007, the initial glee…
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Legal considerations when starting a tutoring business

 Elle Hosie
The core of a successful tutoring business is in the quality of your tutors and the success of your marketing efforts. However, in an industry where high…
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TutorCruncher is in the news!

Tutor to the rich and famous, Thomas Murr has written a thought-provoking article for estate and manor magazine about the long term prospects for both tutoring…
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3 Ways Social Media Can Help Grow Your English Language School

_Your English language school may already be using social media as a matter of course in your marketing efforts but do you really understand the true benefit…
Small Business Social Media Tutoring Management

Five essential steps to running an english language school

Have you ever thought of opening your own language school? At TutorCruncher, we’ve tread down a similar path ourselves in helping our users manage their…
Language Learning Small Business Starting a Business Tutoring Management

How Tuition Center Software Can Transform Your Tutoring Business

Using industry standard software has many advantages. As well as offering ongoing, unlimited access to technical support, tuition center software can also help…
Small Business Starting a business Tutoring Management

How to Optimize Your Tutoring Agency's Blog

In a digital age where everyone’s obsessed with SEO, we often forget to put our blog readers’ experiences at the forefront of our efforts. How engaged are your…
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Why Your Tutoring Agency Needs a Blog

So, your tuition agency has a website and explains all your services. You even use social media to attract more customers. But how do you rank in search…
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How to Make Your Tutoring Agency Stand Out

Establishing your tuition agency takes time. Naturally, parents and students are inclined to use the services of an agency that have a good reputation, a high…
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