Tutor Crunch or TutorCruncher? The Importance of Name

Hello my name is TutorCruncher

One of the major things that entrepreneurs often get hung up on when they are starting a tutoring business is what to call their company. Here at TutorCruncher (or ‘Tutor Crunch’ as we’re often called) we have spoken to hundreds of people at this stage and have seen how they have progressed after finally settling on a name.

The key points to think about are search engine optimisation (SEO), brand message and ethos, how easily it rolls off the tongue and the geographic and cultural restriction or focus.


SEO is becoming one of the major focuses of marketing a business. Online is the number one way in which people will discover your business and therefore you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do this. Therefore, it can be a good idea to include the word ‘tutors’ or ‘tuition’ in your name to help the search engines determine what you are about. Do some searches on Google for ‘tutors in London’ or ‘tutors in new york’ to get an idea of the competition and always search on any potential names to discover whom you’ll be competing against and the general SERP landscape around your future brand name.

Brand Message and Ethos

Your company’s name is your first opportunity to market yourself to your clients, and your tutors. Therefore you should try to communicate your personality, professionalism, friendliness and even price within the name. Something like ‘Belgravia Tuition’ sounds slightly higher end and more expensive than ‘Budget tutors’ and it is immediately obvious when you hear then names.

Rolling off the Tongue

We decided on TutorCruncher as the name for our business a few years ago, after not too much thought and we felt it sounded friendly and easy to say. Now we are often referred to as TutorCrunch, which on reflection, perhaps sounds better, and being shorter is easier to say. We will have to think about whether or not we should become Tutor Crunch in the future.

Geographic restriction/focus

With any business, specialisation and focus can be extremely beneficial and advised. It is important, however, to not restrict yourself from future expansion with your name. You can spend years building a brand that has strength in the local market, but means nothing to people abroad. It can also have a negative impact on non-local SEO to have a local brand name. Some location names, such as Chelsea or California can have international recognition that would not hinder your brand’s growth, but in general I would avoid a location within the name. It is important not to over think this and waste time trawling the internet and doing surveys just to rule out your good ideas. A snappy, easy-to-remember name that speaks to your clients in tutors in the correct tone is all you need.