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Our Story

At TutorCruncher we're all about providing your clients with a first-class service to streamline your company’s administration. We believe in providing an efficient, cost-effective platform that can boost our clients potential by cutting administrative time drastically. That’s why we built TutorCruncher, to level the playing field for small and large companies alike.

Before becoming an independent company, TutorCruncher began as an in-house system. It was built initially to address a specific gap in the market for one company, and then a small group of companies in the tutoring industry.

However, it seemed unreasonable that a tutoring company needed its own bespoke piece of software to have effective administrative practices. And so, TutorCruncher was launched as an independent company in 2013 as a cloud-based system and handled most accounting satisfactorily.


We used our close relationship with the tutoring industry to continue to improve the system and address an increasing number of areas, adding CRM tools, job notifications, lesson reminders; all of the core automated functionalities that a modern tutoring company would need without forcing them to adapt their business model.

We then brought development in-house to redesign and rebuild the system, learning lessons from older versions and utilising our experience from the tutoring industry.


TutorCruncher is, therefore, a tool built by experts. We have expertise in tutoring industry from our humble beginnings as an in-house software, we have expertise in effective administration and business management, and we have expertise in the technological tools available to offer the most sophisticated system on the market.

Our capabilities have helped the companies that use us provide a top-class service to their clients and automate the normally cumbersome administrative processes. TutorCruncher is off-the-shelf ready to meet the needs of a tutoring company with the feel of a system that has been designed to meet your specific requirements.


Meet The Team

Tom Hamilton Stubber CEO

Tom started as in intern with TutorCruncher in 2014 and has worked his way up to CEO. He has an unrivaled knowledge of TutorCruncher and almost 10 years in the tuition industry.

Fionn Finegan COO

After finishing his studies in Dublin, Fionn moved to Taipei, Taiwain, to sell data processing software. In 2018 he moved to London, where he began work with TutorCruncher. Now Fionn manages TutorCruncher's Market Operations and has seen the company go from strength to strength.

Sam Linge Sales Executive

A veritable sales wizard - Sam joined Tutorcruncher as part of our drive to rework and enhance our customer experience.

Tony Escatel Sales Consultant

Tony Escatel, leveraging his sales background and recent graduation from Northern Illinois University, now takes on TutorCruncher's North American market as a Sales Consultant.

Gabe Gatrill Customer Outreach Manager

After graduating from LMU in 2022 with a BA International Relations degree, Gabe joined a tech recruitment agency where he grew a passion for software. He now joins the TutorCruncher sales team, spearheading the company's business development project.

Jae Johnson Customer Outreach Manager

With a degree in Neuroscience and experience in building client and customer relationships, Jae is joining TutorCrunchers North American team. She will be focused on expanding TutorCrunchers reach and impact in the North American region.

Raashi Thakran Customer Success Manager

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Management from The University of Warwick, Raashi joined the TutorCruncher team as a Customer Success Manager in 2023.

Maahi Islam Customer Success Manager

Upon completing his Degree in London, Maahi went on to develop a drive for Customer Success & Operations. He joined the TutorCruncher team in 2023 with the aim to elevate the overall customer experience.

Henry Traill Senior Developer

After finishing his studies in Swansea, Henry helped out with the family charity and developed an app for them before joining TutorCruncher as a software developer in 2021.

Daniel Jezeph Junior Developer

After finishing his studies in Surrey, Dan landed his first Junior Developer role joining the TutorCruncher team.

Sebastian Prentice Junior Developer

Passionate for UI/UX with a degree in Computing, Sebastian developed a web app for a food charity before joining TutorCruncher as a software developer in 2022.