Tutoring management software with online payments, CRM, invoicing, payroll, scheduling, timesheets and more.

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We've built a system which doesn't just run your business, but gives you the tools to grow.

Using feedback from our fantastic clients, we're continuing to develop features that means TutorCruncher really is a cut above the rest.

Smart Online Payments

Cashflow is king, so we've integrated with a Card and Direct Debit payment service to make taking payments quick, simple and cost effective.

From saving card details to clients' accounts and taking payments in one click to charging clients automatically each month, TutorCruncher makes sure you can save time and focus on growing the business.

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What is TutorCruncher?

TutorCruncher is a cloud-based business management solution for companies in educational enterprise. Whether you offer tutoring, coaching, test prep, mentoring, and more, TutorCruncher is available to help run your business. Our system simplifies and streamlines scheduling, payments, invoicing, CRM, email marketing, performance analysis, and more.

Through automated payments and tutor-student matching systems, using TutorCruncher allows you to focus your time on providing outstanding service for your clients and on growing your business. TutorCruncher is, therefore, a tool for better management and better growth which is used by over 200 companies worldwide.

Who is TutorCruncher for?

We have a flexible and powerful tool that works for all kinds of models of company; the core of our client base is made up of tutoring companies. We work with people who are starting their company or people who are moving to use a new system for the first time and ditching those numerous (and complex) Excel spreadsheets.

Scalability plays a big role in our design philosophy. Our mission is helping our users grow, so we have made sure your company can scale up its operations and grow more effectively, thus making TutorCruncher a long-term solution. We understand that for your business, moving systems can be like moving house and so we are here for the long haul!

How does TutorCruncher help my business?

Glad you asked! Using TutorCruncher helps effectively manage your database of clients and tutors, as well as their scheduling and payments. TutorCruncher offers scalability, so tutor-student matching is the same with 5 tutors or 500 tutors.

Our tools give you the opportunity to do invoicing, payroll and schedule management automatically, so you have more time for more exciting things like gaining new clients or tutors. TutorCruncher is the most cost-effective system on the market by far and is a proven solution to achieve growth whilst saving your company money.

How much does using TutorCruncher cost?

We offer our users different price plans to make sure that TutorCruncher remains cost-effective for users as they grow with us. Each company pays monthly, calculated on the base price (from £10) and a percentage revenue fee (from 0.8%).

For example, a company on Startup processing £20,000 of lesson revenue in a month would pay approximately £140. This comes from the base fee (£40) plus 0.5% of your revenue (£100).

For that price, you get unlimited users, unlimited email sending, as well as a comprehensive system to manage your business. Not bad!

Does TutorCruncher have a minimum term or contract?

With TutorCruncher, you’re not tied into a contract, and you can leave whenever you want. Of course, you also have the option to export your data at any time.

Which payment systems do you support?

We have integrated with Stripe and GoCardless to help you make processing payments simple and timely. With our integrated card payment system, clients can pay an invoice by clicking the link in the automated email sent from TutorCruncher as soon as they receive it. The invoice is then marked as paid in the system so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The invoicing system in TutorCruncher means that you can invoice all of your clients at the same time and process all these payments automatically. Whether you require upfront payment to sell packages or have your clients pay a monthly subscription, TutorCruncher can handle it.

How do my Tutors, Clients, and Students use TutorCruncher?

Tutors can sign themselves up to create their own profiles with their qualifications, the institution they’ve attended and the skills they can teach. This allows you to match them to clients quickly based on the information stored in their profiles. Tutors can then handle all of the scheduling for the clients with which they are linked.

Clients and students are only able to see information that is relevant to them, such as invoices, lesson reports and their jobs.

Do you work with Quickbooks/Xero/Sage?

TutorCruncher’s accounting is compatible with accounting packages like Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage. Accounting data from within TutorCruncher can be exported in CSV format, that can then be imported into other accounting programmes.

Are you available in my country?

Good question! TutorCruncher can be used anywhere in the world.

What is the best process to set up my company on TutorCruncher?

We work to onboard lots of different companies to ensure a smooth and timely transition to using TutorCruncher, so there really is no reason to delay. You can start by importing users, giving them logins and start creating your schedule.

If you haven’t already made an account, click here to sign up for a free account. When you first log in to TutorCruncher, you will be logged in to a demo branch as an administrator. This is a sandbox branch of your tutoring agency and it is loaded with dummy data that you can use to explore and test the system from day 1. After the 14-day free trial expires, should you wish to continue with TutorCruncher, you will not lose any of the changes you have made as you keep the same account.

What if I can't find the answer to my question here?

We do also have a help site which contains a detailed breakdown of the features on offer and how to use TutorCruncher. If you are still unsure, then get in touch today, we would be delighted to work with your company.