Tutoring management software with online payments, CRM, invoicing, payroll, scheduling, timesheets and more.

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Cloud Based

TutorCruncher can be safely used on all platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile as all the system needs to work is internet access.

For Everyone

TutorCruncher is simple to use for all users! Tutors can log their own hours, students can view online materials and clients can view their own invoices and lesson reports.

Saves Time, Saves Money

Existing users have shown us that TutorCruncher saves them an hour and a half per client per month. For a company with 100 active clients, that's 150 hours of admin saved per month!

Online Payments

Your clients can pay quickly and easily with our integrated Card and Direct Debit payment services. Payment can be taken automatically to speed up your cashflow.

Data Reporting

Analyse the performance of your business with graphical data outputs and breakdowns of revenue by subject, teaching level and time period.

Automated Emails

TutorCruncher generates automated emails to your clients and tutors at the click of a button. These can be fully customised to convey your brand messaging and approach.

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We're Growing

TutorCruncher is far too powerful to be limited to the tuition industry. Therefore we've built TimeCruncher; TutorCruncher generalised to serve industries such as cleaning, nurseries or indeed any company needing contractor management software.

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