The 8 Best Online Whiteboards For Streamlining Collaboration

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The Best Online Whiteboards

With the growth of remote learning, Tutor Management Software can play a key part helping your business become more efficient. However, there are also other apps you can use to make your tutoring services more successful, such as online whiteboards. In fact, a cloud-based whiteboard provides educators and students with an invaluable tool for collaboration. 

Whiteboards can not only simplify the process of teaching remotely but also streamline communication among tutors, students, parents and teachers. By enabling shared real-time access to documents, notes and resources from different screens, online whiteboards make remote instruction easier than ever before. 

With so many choices out there it can be hard to decide which one best meets your needs. To make it easier for you we've compiled this list (with the help of our professional network) of the 10 best online whiteboards available today – ones that offer features designed specifically with online learning in mind. 

How to choose the right online whiteboard for your needs

Before we get stuck into the roundup it’s important to remember that choosing the right online whiteboard is essential if you are looking to collaborate effectively with your students. 

With so many different types and brands to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out which option works best for your needs. To make an informed decision, first look at the features available on each type of board - consider things like size, sensitivity level and color options. Make sure the board you go with is compatible with any devices or software that you need. Then look at usability – how easy is it to use the board in question? Does it offer visuals that are helpful to make collaboration quicker? 

Finally, decide on a budget that fits your project’s requirements, and then research reviews online to find out which boards offer top-notch performance for their price tags. With this research done in advance you are more likely to make an informed decision when it comes time to pick the perfect whiteboard for all of your team’s projects!

The best online whiteboards for streamlining collaboration

This list contains a wide variety of only whiteboards, not just the ones which are seamlessly integrated with TutorCruncher!

1. Bit Paper

Coming in at first place is Bit Paper! Bit Paper features an extremely simple design but covers a hugely comprehensive number of options needed to hold meetings or teach lessons creatively - we even use this occasionally within our weekly meetings at TutorCruncher as Bit Paper is great for brainstorming shared ideas and creating visuals that can be easily shared during presentations. 

best online whiteboards include bit paper

Throughout the review process, we discovered the importance of a whiteboard being both fun and simple to use. When you go on to the site you are automatically directed to the whiteboard. No need to download anything or set anything up; you can just straight up create a paper. Alternatively, if you want to track and manage all your papers, the signup process is simple, you just need a name, email and password.

Cool features of Bit Paper include:

  • Screen Share which opens up the opportunity to see and do more
  • A clear and helpful introductory tutorial
  • Screenshot and duplicate functionalities to easily share to and from your paper
  • Full screen and zoom features for close analysis 
  • Audio, video and chat options available
  • Easy to switch between papers using the arrow keys
  • Set homework and come check it when it's done
  • Easy to undo and redo actions
  • Auto saves your papers
  • Add tags to keep organised between students and projects
  • Import and export data functionalities 
  • Integrates with TutorCruncher
  • Easy to create shapes, art (see my doodle above), diagrams and play games to aid learning!

2. Groupboard

Groupboard is one of the oldest online whiteboards, with over 700,000 Groupboards having been made, showing its ability to stand the test of time. Its popularity, no doubt, comes from its impressive security features and appealing privacy settings. 

Groupboard whiteboard with doodle and text on

Users can password-protect not only their accounts but also each document they create. Business wise you could therefore store lesson plans, teaching resources and even sensitive information on a board in confidence that they are secure. This can also be highly reassuring for parents that their children’s information and progress are kept private. 

However, Groupboard misses out on the top spot for a notable reason - the cost. For the most secure and effective package, this online whiteboard comes at a significantly higher price than its competition. And while it has a lot of flexibility with integration and offers a demo similar to Bitpaper, straight away it is clear that the tool is not as intuitive in a number of ways.

Main features that make Groupboard a great option (and potentially justify the cost): 

  • Password protection capabilities
  • Fantastic technical support 
  • Allows access to the Groupboard API
  • Able to record lessons for late reference 
  • User interface can be translated into multiple languages
  • Allows unlimited users making it great for a larger tutoring business/community 
  • Fully customisable
  • Online chat feature making tutor-student communication simple 
  • Drag and drop feature to easily share work 

3. The Lesson Space

The Lesson Space is by far number one when it comes to online lesson recording. There are also many great features that come free with this online whiteboard, which really gives it a professional look and user experience.

Lesson space online whiteboard

However, while easy to use, this is quite a bland interface making it less than ideal for teaching young children or highly visual learners. You are given eleven standard colours, making it less than ideal for art lessons or more creative subjects. On a similar note, it's not clear how to change the size of your pen and there is very little guidance available for using such additional features.

What features you get in this space:

  • Code editor for rendering
  • Ability to open multiple documents on one page
  • Advance troubleshooting support
  • Personal dashboard for project management
  • Analytics and insights
  • Schedule lessons
  • Lesson scheduling and easy student profile management 
  • Link sharing and easy collaboration through annotation tools
  • Integratable and offers a free trial
  • Free add ons that usually cost more, such as graph paper, timers and ‘undo delete’ options

4. Whiteboard .fi

Created by a teacher slash developer with a passion to be an entrepreneur, is Whiteboard .fi!

Very simple and very basic, the main purpose of this board is for informative assessment. It's extremely fast to set up and requires very little effort. You can use it on any device and all you need is the lesson code to log in and start learning. Whiteboard .fi is ultimately a virtual classroom that can hold multiple students, with their own board space to write down answers. screenshot

This seems to be an extremely practical tool that can be used in school classrooms where the teacher can ask a question on the board and all the children reply on their tablet and the teacher can review all the independent answers on the screen. You may remember the ‘'Now show me your whiteboards'' line when you were in school. Well, this is the future of the exact same situation.

While this is an awesome tool, it appears to be a new whiteboard that is still going through development to include more features like the other boards in this roundup. The tool is lacking the ability for tutors to upload images, save boards, create whiteboard backgrounds and much more. But sometimes basic is best and it suits its purpose for now.

What you can expect from the cheap and cheerful Whiteboard .fi:

  • Fun colour palette
  • Easy undo and redo functionalities 
  • Ability to draw shapes with the straight line tool
  • Quick and easy text editing 
  • Free for all
  • Easy to get started as there is no login 
  • Demo walkthrough available
  • Accessible on all touch screen phones/tablets 
  • Encourages interactive, multi-user lessons


We were immediately impressed by Limnu! When you first sign up you get the impression it does everything you want through a very professional and reliable service. This is only further enforced by a display of famous companies who've also given it a go. On top of this, the signup process is really simple and has specific options for educators and tutors to guide you on where to go. 

limnu online whiteboard with maths lesson

Overall, it almost seems too professional for schools and tutoring and leans more towards the corporate world! It has a great communications navigation bar on the right-hand side for video calling and chatting. You can pin items on the board and easily refer to them in the chat where it will take you to the point of reference. It is clear to see why this is great for all professional businesses and how it can work and adapt very well to a tuition scenario.

What you'll get from Limnu for a good price:

  • Its expansive, and the storage is unlimited
  • Collaboration is easy through sharing options (and who you are sharing with will not need an individual account)
  • Easily save your ideas and progress
  • Team admin controls to keep things up to date and secure
  • App and browser access
  • Online video and chat capabilities
  • Highlight, drag and move things on the board
  • Free to add images, notes, labels and pins

6. Bramble

Our number 6 whiteboard, Bramble, is designed specifically for online tutoring which is immediately clear when you log in. You'll find a list of long reviews from tutors and a blog that covers topics surrounding learning with a scope of online methods to get the most out of online teaching. 

Bramble online whiteboard screenshot with text saying pretty simple

On top of this, the signup process is simple and secure, and the playback of recorded sessions is smooth, fast and instant. And while some features can be a bit clunky for example there is no option to resize images, text, pen lines or colours, for something starting as cheap as £10 a month, it is a reasonable starting whiteboard. 

Use Bramble to get started on your tutoring journey with the following features::

  • Online support and troubleshooting
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Live webcam and audio features 
  • PDF export options
  • Ability to upload documents
  • Tutor dashboard - see timesheets and session data
  • Integratable through API
  • Online booking and calendar tools
  • Offers an easy-to-follow tutorial and free trial option

7. Liveboard

Liveboard whiteboard does amazingly well with over 50,000 users consisting of teachers, tutors, professors and instructors. This is the perfect, intuitive platform for tutoring maths with the dotted background and a nice, good size clear board. It offers a host of features, including video conferencing, however, the drawback is that these cost extra. 

Liveboard can provide these awesome features:

  • A mobile app
  • Lesson recording capabilities 
  • 30 free trial option
  • Reliable online support
  • Handwriting recognition software
  • Cloud storage
  • Instant messaging feature
  • Google one-click sign-up

8. Ziteboard

Ziteboard is slightly different to most online whiteboards on this list as it does not require any form of sign-up. Ziteboard is actually a website that you can use as a whiteboard. 

image of a thumbs up on a ziteboard whiteboard

You don't need to log in or set anything up. You can use it on any device. You can also draw, write notes, and collaborate with your students through the board. You can also insert images and PDF files onto your whiteboard and use the integrated whiteboard video and audio chat functions, making it a great site for online teaching. Once your lesson is finished, you’re also able to export your whiteboard as a high-resolution image or PDF, so your student can retain the work done in the lesson.

Useful site features include

  • Graph paper add-on
  • Sticky notes
  • White label solution API 
  • Optimised for different devices
  • Word press plugin
  • Import pictures
  • Smart shape tools
  • Android app
  • Export to illustrator, perfect for art and design
  • Online text chat
  • Customise with your logo and colour-theme on a custom subdomain
  • Easy to use navigation box

Honourable Mention: Vedamo

In our final spot, we have Vedamo, an amazing, modern design tool with a cool 90s feel! Create amazing boards and just click on the retro floppy disk to save your work. It has a range of classic whiteboard features and the dashboard is easy to navigate. This tool is best for fun, for design work (e.g., drawing diagrams) or just brainstorming before or during lessons.

vedamo interactive online whiteboard screenshot

Overall, Vedamo is smooth, easy and fun for freelance tutors, consultants, corporations, schools, universities, coaches and mentors. It's a constructive, efficient and fun platform for learning and sharing ideas!

What features we found when using Vedamo:

  • Virtual classroom
  • Can have up to 25 learners per session
  • Easy scheduling and management in the dashboard
  • Fun design and colour palette for maximum engagement
  • Online video and chat features
  • Countdown timer
  • Media player for more creative learners 
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Export PDF options 
  • Integratable

Tips for using an online whiteboard for effective collaboration

  • Establish clear communication protocols for using the whiteboard
  • Ensure all participants in a collaboration have access to the same features and tools on the whiteboard
  • Designate specific roles and responsibilities among team members (if applicable) or users when using the whiteboard
  • Utilise audio and video functions during collaborative tasks on the whiteboard, if available
  • Accommodate different levels of technical proficiency among users
  • Be mindful of other online activities that can distract from effective collaboration on the whiteboard
  • Take frequent breaks when engaging in lengthy collaborative tasks on the whiteboard
  • Fully leverage all available features offered by your chosen online whiteboard platform

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, there are many online whiteboards to choose from that can help streamline collaboration during online tutoring. Before opting for one of these boards, carefully consider your particular needs and preferences along with the various functions each offers in order to make sure you select the best option for your individual situation. 

Keep in mind that finding the right online whiteboard can take time due to the wide array of features and offers available. Hopefully, this review has given some great insight into which whiteboards may be best suited to meet your needs as well as tips to get started with an online collaborative space. 

Throughout this journey towards successful teamwork, remember every opportunity is a learning experience!

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