Automated Emails

Send emails from your business email address

Create email styles in TutorCruncher to send emails from your business email addresses. You can have different ones for sending different types of emails, for instance, you could send your invoices from and other information from

Automated emails

You can send automated emails for almost anything you do in TutorCruncher, including sending invoices, welcoming tutors and clients, sending lesson reminders, letting tutors know a new job is available and inviting them in for an interview. These actions are recorded, so you know who you sent an email to and when.

Customise your emails

TutorCruncher allows you to customise your automated emails to say whatever you wish. You can even include your company logo in the emails so your clients and tutors really get a bespoke and recognisable service.

Manage email marketing with broadcasts

You can use TutorCruncher to mass email your clients or tutors with broadcasts. You can choose whether to send an email to all or only some of your clients or tutors, so you could easily create a marketing campaign to send to your clients in a certain area, or with children who are taking 11+ in the next year, or perhaps send an email to all approved tutors to ask them to update their profiles. Email Analytics then shows you how successful your campaign is.