Business Analytics

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Categorise Income

By Subject and Grade

See how much revenue you generate per subject your tutors teach and by what age and/or grade their students are in.

Per Client Manager

If you want to track the success of your sales staff, you can make them Client Managers responsible for groups of clients. Track the revenue they generate and compensate them accordingly.

Track Client Spend

Want to know which of your clients are more committed and which ones are drifting away? We visualise client attachment overtime and let you act on it.

Marketing Success Reports

Email Marketing

Track the open and click through rates of the email communications you send, along with Bounce and Reject metrics. These can help you keep your company domain's spam score low.

SMS Marketing

Track send status and monthly spend on SMS marketing. You can also search sent items to see the reach of communications and campaigns.

Client Interactions

We record 200+ separate actions taken by a client (and other users) on their account. Get an extensive history for each one; when they booked a class, when they saved their card details, and over 198 more.

The Administrators can easily see the current statistics of the business, giving necessary insights. The weekly updates on jobs that have gone cold are great for keeping track of which tutoring jobs are still taking place and which have stagnated.

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