How to Market Your Private Tuition Agency

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As with any business, once you have all the legalities in place, the next step is to market your company to your prospective customers. In the world of tuition, this means focusing on two different types of audience.

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Firstly, you need to find suitable tutors to register with your agency and secondly, you need to find students who are looking to use the services that your agency provides. This particular post will focus on marketing your business by traditional and online methods.

Traditional Marketing

Unless your agency is exclusively online, you'll want to spread the word about your services throughout your local area. Assuming you operate from a fixed location like a study centre, it makes sense to begin your marketing approach from your own office. Using your shop front as an advertisement for your company will grab the attention of anyone passing by. Why not display your services in your window alongside some testimonials from students and tutors. Providing this kind of social proof can make all the difference in selling your services to potential customers.

Having custom-made business cards is another great way to promote your business. Think about where your customers are most likely to spend their days and leave a pile of business cards to make sure they will see them. Places like libraries, town halls and community centres are all effective places to distribute your cards. Similarly, creating flyers and posting them in public places can also be an effective means of marketing your tuition agency. Taking some time to consider the best locations to place your posters will ensure your marketing efforts are as successful as possible. Another form of display advertising that can be particularly effective is advertising on your car. Having your agency logo displayed on your back window or body work will advertise your business wherever you go.

Online Marketing

Consider what keywords people will use when searching for your tutoring services online. If your private tuition agency operates within a specific local area, make sure you include those place names in your SEO efforts. Paying particular attention to page headlines, meta descriptions and tags can also give your website an edge in search engine rankings.

These days, however, the most important element of your online marketing is content. Having a website with useful blog posts will greatly increase your chances of being found online. If your website doesn't already have a blog, it really should. By writing informative content that adds value to both tutors and students, search engines will rank your website more favourably. And the more often you post on your blog, the more often your pages will be indexed, increasing the momentum in which your website passes through the rankings.

What are your experiences of marketing a tuition agency? Do you use any of the methods mentioned above? Perhaps you have a unique way of attracting business that you could share below? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


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