Top Five Marketing Strategies for Tutoring Agencies

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Updated  Luca Cattaneo Ferrari

Tutoring agencies, like other businesses are understandably keen to adopt new marketing trends, particularly those with technology at their forefront. However, in the tutoring industry, there remains five proven strategies for attracting new students, retaining staff and growing business.

Market your business with TutorCruncher
Market your business with TutorCruncher

Word of Mouth Marketing

Personal referrals are still the lifeblood of the tutoring industry. If you focus on providing the best possible service, then word will spread in your local area about the quality of your agency. Satisfied students and parents are your best source for new business as they’re likely to have contact with other students who might need your tutoring services. Having a strong focus on customer service will ensure that your agency develops a positive reputation in your area.

Email Marketing

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing for tutoring agencies; email is a great way to follow up on any leads you’ve received and attract new business. We’ve previously written about email etiquette in another post, which you should definitely read if you’re new to the idea, but embracing the idea of engagement is a tried and tested way to grow a business. Tell people about your latest offers and promotions but be sure to provide them with useful information as well.

Face to Face Networking

One way to build a presence in your local community is to attend business networking events. Meeting other local companies can create several marketing opportunities, particularly if the other business is in the educational sphere. Partnerships, sponsor opportunities and other form of collaboration can all be effective ways to improve your agency’s presence in your community.

Social Media

A popular marketing method for tutoring agencies, social media can be used to effectively target your ideal audience. People are using websites like Facebook and Twitter more than ever before, so your agency needs to be active on these platforms if you want to grow your online marketing. A word to the wise thought, it’s better to focus on two or three social media websites and really add value to your followers rather than trying to be active on every platform out there.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, or SEO, is a must for any tutoring agency looking to expand beyond face to face marketing. Make sure you optimize your website for relevant search terms in the tutoring industry and keep your blog up to date with useful, valuable content. You should also look at applying on page SEO techniques like internal linking and suitably placed keywords in meta descriptions and titles.

What are your experiences of marketing a tutoring agency? Which of the methods above to your think are the most effective for tutors? Do you have any of your own marketing strategies that you’ll like to share with our readers? We look forward to hearing from you.


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