How to Create a Stimulating Learning Environment

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Our environments can have a huge impact on how we learn. If your tutoring agency offices are cramped and cluttered, the chances are that your students won’t be getting the most from their learning. Having an unorganised business or office can also cause you to waste time on work which could be automated or made more simple.

As well as the physical practicalities and organisational aspects of creating a suitable space, there are other things that tutoring agencies can do to create a stimulating learning environment and get the most out of their business.

Learning Environments
Learning Environments

Core Values

One way to create a positive learning environment is to practice what you preach. Think about the core values of your tutoring agency and what motivated you to start your business in the first place. Let your tutors and students know what your business ethics are and remind them of your agency’s approach to learning. You may want to display your core values somewhere in your office and include them in your newsletters, branding and email signatures. If your staff and students understand your positioning in the education industry, you’ll create a focused, positive place to work.

Positive Atmosphere

positive atmosphere in your tutoring agency is important for your students’ learning. Make sure that your staff are encouraging and do what they can to boost students’ confidence. By giving praise where it’s due, your students will take something positive away from every lesson and they’ll be motivated to continually improve their knowledge and skills. Perhaps your agency could acknowledge those students who have done well by mentioning them in your email newsletter or office noticeboard.

Set Expectations

Learning is a two-way street. If your tutors and students understand what is expected of them, your agency will be a productive place. Some tutoring agencies have staff and student handbooks that they distribute, which outlines everyone’s role within the agency. Asking tutors and students to read through this information can be a good way to inform everyone of what your agency expects of them. It’s important that staff as well as students don’t become complacent in their roles and that they feel challenged and enthused to providing an excellent service.


Students nowadays are used to having technology at their fingertips and your tutoring agency should cater for this need. If you want your agency to be a stimulating place to learn, then you need to invest in resources that students will want to use. This includes laptops and mobile devices like iPads, as well as printers, scanners and Wi-Fi. Having resources on hand will motivate students to seek answers for themselves and carry out their own research too. Encourage your students to drop into your agency to do some private study, even if they don’t have a one to one lesson booked. The more students who use your facilities, the more of an encouraging environment you’ll create.

How do you ensure that you create a stimulating learning environment in your tutoring agency? Do you use any of the methods above? Perhaps you have your own unique way of creating a positive learning experience in your agency? We’d be keen to hear about your approach.


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