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TutorCruncher is a SaaS Startup which has quickly become the market leader in our niche. We offer specialised business management software to tutoring companies, working with clients all over the world to provide an outstanding service which meets and adapts to the needs of the tutoring industry.

Sales Executive

We want a bright, motivated and pragmatic salesperson to make connections and bring in new clients.

Your main role will be to receive warm, in-bound leads and guide them through their setup period. You will also be supported in engaging in outbound sales in any free time you have or if you wish to supplement your (already quite good) commission.

Feeling comfortable with relatively complex software is very desirable for this role. We don't need you to write code but a lot of our work is quite technical, and the goal is for you to be a domain expert in how a system like ours works.

We also want someone who is independent, is willing to speak their mind and always open to explaining their thought process. We don't want to micro-manage anybody, so the more self-directed you are, the better. We're not looking for someone merely compliant, you will need ingenuity and decisiveness. In turn, we will respect your insight, even if we sometimes steer you in another direction.

The job involves:

What you’ll get from us:

Please email with a brief description of why you're interested in the role with your CV attached. Looking forward to hearing from you!