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TutorCruncher is a small SaaS Startup which has quickly become the market leader in our niche. We offer specialised business management software to tutoring companies, working with clients all over the world to provide a high end service which meets and adapts to the needs of the tutoring industry.

Marketing Executive

Are you looking to work with a young, friendly team? Do you want to be surrounded by people who share your ambition, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit? Would you prefer to have significant responsibility in a family oriented workspace, rather than a corporate one?

We are looking for a creative, analytical, and engaged Marketing Executive whose role is to Improve our brand performance, generate engaging new content, and devise new marketing initiatives that will help our business grow even faster than it already is!

Given that you are producing results, you will be given the autonomy to take charge of your own projects and micro manage yourself! We want someone who is not afraid to take charge of our marketing division and make it their own. It is up to you to come up with well thought out, informed strategies, and to prove their efficacy. If you do that, we will support you in every way you can.

That said, most of your day-to-day will be implementing our existing strategy. That will involve:

This is a serious role with lots for you to learn. We're a small, friendly, informal and flexible company. We want somebody who is self-motivated and independent enough to throw themselves into their role but also somebody who is happy to have a good chat and a laugh with us when the opportunity arises. If you're feeling up for a challenge and you don't mind being self-directed then please drop us an email at which includes a brief summary of your relevant experience, why you're interested in the role, and has your CV attached. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Salary: £25-30k