Careers at TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher is a SaaS Startup which has quickly become the market leader in our niche. We offer specialised business management software to tutoring companies, working with clients all over the world to provide an outstanding service which meets and adapts to the needs of the tutoring industry.

Sales, Marketing and BisDev Coordinator

An exciting opportunity has come up for someone bright and confident to join the TutorCruncher team. Working here, you can quite quickly take on responsibilities and have a direct impact on the daily activities of our 350+ clients.

Job Description

As you'd imagine in a small team, your role in the company with be diverese and dynamic. To be successful in this role it's essential that you are both confident and results-driven, as you'll be helping the company meet and achieve their ambitious targets by converting warm leads and embedding existing users within their services. The main day to day activities focus on engaging the companies they work with. Further to this, you will be in a position to bring forward and implement new marketing strategies. From email marketing campaigns to supporting SEO, your input will be invaluable. You'll also be working closely with the developement team to bring feedback on ways you think the system could be improved.

Key Responsibilities

In this job, your responsibilities will include:

Who We're Looking For

This job is all about communication, in every way, shape and form. That's why the most important thing for us is that you be social, friendly, chatty and amiable.

Because we are a B2B subscription based product, customer service and maintaining a good relationship with our clients is absolutely paramount and we have worked very hard to build up a strong reputation of being approachable and supportive. It's very important that you would be in a position to continue to offer that level of support, all the way from client onboarding, to training and setup and even helping our clients expand their businesses further down the road.

At least one year of experience is strongly preferred, as is a degree in a sales/marketing related background, but neither are essential given the right character.

We would like you to be confident and well capable of selling, with the goal of you becoming an expert on how people use TutorCruncher's software and how we can help them optimise their businesses.

We would also like you to have a good interest in and understanding of software and technology generally, and for you to understand the service we offer to our clients.

Finally we are looking for a creative thinker who has desire and drive to make a significant contribution to a small business in the short and long term

What's on Offer for You?

If we're the kind of company that you are interested in working for and you meet the criteria listed above we'd love to hear from you.

Just drop an email with your CV and a description of you, your experience and your reasons for applying to in order to apply.