Developer Timeline

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So far this year, we've released 70 times, including 11 brand new features, 55 improvements and 154 speed ups/bug fixes.

21 Sep

1 bug fixes/speedups

21 Sep

8 bug fixes/speedups

08 Sep

2 bug fixes/speedups


In 2020, we released times, including 30 brand new features, 44 improvements and 204 speed ups/bug fixes.

17 Dec

1 bug fixes/speedups

15 Dec

2 bug fixes/speedups

10 Dec

2 bug fixes/speedups


In 2019, we released times, including 35 brand new features, 73 improvements and 237 speed ups/bug fixes.

19 Dec

new Stripe Customer Matching

+ 4 bug fixes/speedups

18 Dec

1 bug fixes/speedups

18 Dec

imp Exclude Rejected and Withdrawn Bids on Service List

imp Delete Email Styles

imp Report fields show who can see the field

imp Delete Ad Hoc Charge Categories

imp Date from Day Calendar passed to Add Lesson Form

+ 6 bug fixes/speedups


In 2018, we released times, including 36 brand new features, 85 improvements and 177 speed ups/bug fixes.

18 Dec

new Add Telleroo details page

new Proforma Invoice Subscriptions

new Add Roles API Endpoints

new Translations

imp Service view Improvements

+ 4 bug fixes/speedups

12 Dec

imp Enabled auto Invoice for Subscriptions and other improvements

imp Gocardless without session

+ 1 bug fixes/speedups

07 Dec

imp Include password set link in Enquiry emails

imp Showing the age of someone on a date type Custom Field

+ 3 bug fixes/speedups


In 2017, we released times, including 70 brand new features, 154 improvements and 294 speed ups/bug fixes.

21 Dec

3 bug fixes/speedups

18 Dec

new Billing in Telleroo

imp Improve tasks form and filter for types and add a repeater

imp Show Contractor timezone

+ 2 bug fixes/speedups

13 Dec

imp Extra Attributes in Email Definition

imp Service default rates change

imp Sense check Appointment hours

+ 1 bug fixes/speedups