Comprehensive CRM

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Unique Logins

The option for every Client to access their own personal account where they can save their card details, view reports and export their calendar.

Client Pipeline

Our drag-and-drop client onboarding pipeline is fully amenable to suit your existing sales process. A vital component of any CRM system. Click to see how it works.

Contact History

All emails, SMS, invoices, top-ups and notes related to a client are recorded against their profile for later reference.

Mass Communication


47 Personalised automatic emails triggered by a host of events, time spans and manually. All these emails will be tracked and will be sent from your business email domain.


17 Customisable SMS alerts, from lesson reminders to interview invitations and invoice notifications. Send texts from your company name.


Mass marketing the easy way. Send out emails to large groups of users based on your custom categories to inform them about new product offerings, changes in service or other important updates.

Information Sharing


Automatically gather valuable feedback from your clients on how their experience was with your service, use aggregated reviews to evaluate tutors' effectiveness.

Custom Fields

Collect the information on your users that you deem valuable. Want what percentage of your clients are left-handed? Easily done.


Store and share documents with groups of users or with each individual, you can use this to share learning materials for lessons, contracts for tutors and much more.

We spent many weeks trying and testing different options, and we finally chose TutorCruncher, for one simple reason: it is the most complete tutoring agency CRM out there.

Steven Fandroana, Services Tutorat
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