TutorCruncher accounting software automatically generates invoices, leaving you more time to dedicate to improving your business.


Use business intelligence analytics to analyse the performance of your business, including graphs with breakdowns of revenue.

Automated Emails

Automated customisable emails can be used to send invoices, lesson reminders and more. Use them to create marketing campaigns and even analyse their success!

Cloud Software

TutorCruncher can be safely and securely used on all platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles - only internet access is required.

Custom Fields

Create your own custom fields for tutors, students, clients and lesson reports. Editable fields let you manage your company in your own unique way.


We work hard to make sure TutorCruncher is kept up to date with the features you are all asking for. Send us your ideas!


Documents can be uploaded by every user and can be further defined regarding their target audience and purpose.

Lesson Booking

TutorCruncher's website integration allows your clients to book lessons based on a tutor's availability.

Multi-language, time zone and currency support

With support for any language, time zone and currency, TutorCruncher can be used anywhere in the world.

Online Payments

With our integrated card and direct debit payment service, you can take payment quickly and easily.

Online Whiteboard

Maximise your ability to tutor online using the integrated online whiteboard.

Review Tutors

Request your clients to review your tutors.

Scheduling and Timetabling

TutorCruncher makes scheduling easy. Lessons can be scheduled by both tutors and admins. All users can log in to view their customisable calendars.

SMS Integration

Sending SMSs in TutorCruncher is now possible, with a range of different notifications available to send to tutors, clients and students alike.

Tax Calculations

Our automated invoice generation does everything for you, so you know exactly how much tax you need to charge, customisable for different setups.

Tutor, Client & Student Profiles

Post jobs on your job board and notify your tutors to let them apply. Filter your tutor list by the attribute of your choice, including taught subjects.

Tutor-Student Matching

Post jobs on your job board and notify your tutors to let them apply. Filter your tutor list by the attribute of your choice, including taught subjects.

TutorCruncher Socket

List your tutors online and embed enquiry forms with TutorCruncher Socket, improving your SEO and allowing you to match students to tutors quicker.

User Growth

Growing your user network is key to growing your business. TutorCruncher can assist with both tutor recruiment and client outreach.

Website Design and Development

TutorCruncher's team has over 15 years of web development experience and are experts in integrating TutorCruncher into your website.

We do so much more than this, get started now to learn how TutorCruncher can transform your business.