Simple and secure tutor payment for all users

Taking payments is the most important part of your business. Unfortunately, with traditional billing methods it can also be the most time consuming. TutorCruncher’s flexible billing structure and secure credit card payment integrations ensure safe, customisable billing with no hassle all within your tutor management system.

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Utilize automated invoicing with straight forwards flexible customisation

Streamline your billing process with automated invoices. Receive payment from clients securely and pay tutors effortlessly all from your TutorCruncher account.

Automate your Invoicing

Stay on top of your client payments with automated invoices. Receive payment without delay by utilizing in-system billing reminders.

Draft Invoices

INV-1 for Carrie Linder Send Invoice
INV-2 for Shelly Brown Send Invoice
INV-3 for Jamie Hoskins Send Invoice

Payouts for Tutors

Securely store tutor bank detail within TutorCruncher. Enjoy flexible, simple payroll with CSV exports directly integrated with Transferwise or any other payout system of your choice.

Add Bank Details

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Take fast and secure credit card payment or direct debit

Take advantage of our easy tutor payment with TutorCruncher’s Stripe integration. Never worry about missing a payment again with GoCardless and Plaid.

Easy credit and debit payments

Take secure payment in seconds. Use the best in the business to receive credit and debit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and most other card providers with our Stripe integration.

INV-1 Amount owed: £55.00
Payment Details Visa logo 0123 4567 8901 2345 01/21 987
Pay £55.00

Simple direct debit

Receive zero hassle scheduled payments. Set up online direct debit connections between your account and each client's bank using our GoCardless integration.

White gocardless logo

Seamless ACH Payments

Take bank to bank payments within the USA using our ACH Payment gateway. Gain financial control over your business with our Plaid integration.

INV-2 Amount owed: $70.00
Select bank account
Citi logo **** 2345 Checking Citi logo **** 2345 Savings
Pay $70.00

Let us do the heavy lifting of billing for you

Focus on running your business, while TutorCruncher keeps track of your billing and financial progress. Brand your billing with fully customizable invoices and export everything to third-party cloud-based accounting software if needed.

Custom branded invoices

Create unique bills for your business using our online billing software features. Keep your branding consistent with fully customisable PDF bills.


Review your finances

Utilize TutorCruncher’s analytics to keep track of your finances with ease. View key figures about your company income and client spend. Breakdown finances based on subject, grade or sales representative.

Client Spend

Subject: Maths Date range: Last 28 days
Carrie Linder £1200
Shelly Brown £340
Jamie Hoskins £650

Additional billing tools

Use our additional tools to help streamline your billing.

Export all your financial reporting

TutorCruncher’s business management software integrates with cloud-based accounting software. Move all invoices over to Xero and Quickbooks using our smart CSV exports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tutor Invoicing?

Tutor invoicing is your billing gateway for the tutoring services you deliver. With TutorCruncher, you can easily generate itemised invoices that include session costs, extra charges, and even discounts. Say goodbye to manual calculations!

Do I Really Need TutorCruncher for Invoicing?

You could plod along with Excel sheets, but why would you want to when you have TutorCruncher? Our platform offers an integrated invoicing system that links directly with your lessons and charges, taking the hassle out of invoicing.

What Should My Invoice Include?

When generating an Invoice, It is advisable to include:

  • Your Business Details (Name, Contact Info)
  • Client Details (Student's or Parent's Information)
  • Service Breakdown (Sessions, Additional Charges)
  • Cost Outline
  • Payment Terms (Customisable in TutorCruncher’s invoice templates)

This helps ensure clarity and fosters trust between you and your clients.

Can I Charge Late Fees?

Absolutely! In TutorCruncher, you can easily add late fees as an extra line item on your invoice. Just make sure you’ve discussed this with your clients in advance to maintain transparency.

What About Unpaid Invoices?

TutorCruncher has you covered. Our software can send automated email reminders about unpaid invoices if they are past their due date, making the follow-up process hassle-free for you.

What Payment Terms Does TutorCruncher Support?

The software supports custom payment terms, giving you the flexibility to decide whether you want to be paid in 14, 30, or any number of days after the invoice is issued.

Is My Data Secure with TutorCruncher?

Security is a non-negotiable for us. TutorCruncher uses robust SSL encryption to make sure your financial data stays safe and secure.

What Payment Methods are Supported by TutorCruncher?

TutorCruncher provides a variety of payment methods to accommodate your preferences. We currently accept debit/credit cards, direct debits, and bank transfers to ensure a seamless transaction process.

What If I Need to Issue a Refund?

Mistakes happen, and that’s okay. TutorCruncher allows you to issue refunds directly through the platform, making the process hassle-free for both you and your clients.

How Customisable Are Invoices in TutorCruncher?

TutorCruncher offers significant customisation options for your invoices. Add your logo, include personalised messages, and specify line items to meet your business needs. It's designed to let your brand shine through every invoice you send.

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