How To Market Yourself As A Tutor - 10 Helpful Tips

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If you are just starting out as a tutor, you may feel a little lost or isolated. You also probably have lots of questions about how to gain new clients or advance in your career. 

The tutoring market can feel overcrowded and competitive, so being able to market yourself as a tutor effectively is very important. But how exactly do you do that? Well, we are here to help.

TutorCruncherhas worked with thousands of businesses and, officially, over one million users. Over the past 7 years, we have spoken to and helped many of our clients grow and start their tutoring businesses. Along the way, we have also picked up knowledge and insight about what makes someone a successful tutor.

In this blog, we want to share this insight with you and hopefully help you become a more effective tutor. So, read on as we jump into some usual tips about marketing your tutoring business better.

10 useful marketing tips for private tutors

1. Excellent customer service is key!

As a customer-facing job, making sure you provide good customer service is very important. Being friendly, punctual, and providing top-notch service can help you secure existing jobs and find new clients. A happy student could stay with you for years.

Furthermore, tutors often say that the best marketing happens at school gates. If a parent is really impressed with your services, they will likely tell their friends, who may have similar-aged children. Ensuring you are professional and always thriving to provide the best tuition is key to creating a successful network of tutees.

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2. Offer a free consultation or taster session!

Since tutoring is a very personal business, you need to make sure that your teaching style matches your students' needs. It is very important that all your students are comfortable with you and are happy to open up to you about areas of their schoolwork they struggle with.

Since tutoring can be quite intimidating for children, especially those who struggle in school, a good tutor-student relationship is key to success. Along with helping children achieve academic success, as a tutor, you can also help them gain confidence and become more positive or motivated. Offering a free introductory session or even a 15-minute consultation can help you and your potential students figure out if it's a good match.

Top tip: Check out this post on how to be a better tutor to learn all about different learning preferences.

3. Find your niche!

The tuition market is relatively overcrowded. Therefore, it is important to differentiate yourself. Is there something you are very passionate about? Do you have a special teaching technique?

Being able to find something different will make you stand out. This will help you secure new clients and be a memorable experience for your students.

If you are unsure about your niche, explore some existing tutoring theory and see if something resonates with you. Why not start by learning a little about high-dosage tutoring?

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4. Consider joining a tutoring agency

If you feel a little lost and intimidated starting out, you may want to join a tutoring agency. Agencies can provide you with new clients and guide you through the first few months of confusion. Many tutoring agencies specialise in a specific area, so make sure you find an agency that suits you.

Agencies are always looking for new talented tutors, so reach out to agencies and ask questions. Being a part of a tutoring agency can not only help you make more money but also help you join a group of like-minded people.

Having a strong community of tutors can allow you to become a better tutor and ultimately gain more clients. If you want to have a browse of some tutoring agencies, check out our tutor listing service. 

5. Utilize social media platforms

Another way besides word of mouth to advertise tutoring services is to create a profile on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. Here, you can develop content that shows off your unique value proposition, expertise, and teaching style. 

It’s a great method to find potential clients or students, as you can join networking groups for local schools. These are terrific spaces to find your target audience for no cost, as you can add educational videos demonstrating your experience and giving people free resources.

Additionally, a fantastic social media tip is to use social search engine optimization (SEO) to build a strong online presence. This means you should keep up with the latest trends on the various social media platforms and make use of popular hashtags. 

6. Contact local schools or education centers

If you’d prefer to find clients in a more traditional way, you could always contact local schools and educational institutions to get on the tutoring market. You could offer them free resources, such as useful workbooks or cheat sheets that show prospective clients your skills and expertise. 

Moreover, you can add your unique branding to these supplementary learning materials and spread knowledge of your business for completely free (well, mostly). You could also add links to your resume, website, or online platforms. 

You could also ask the institution to allow you to put up some advertisements on bulletin boards, which could have current or past client referrals, your experience, and subject areas. 

7. Build a website

One of the most useful methods for advertising your tutoring business online is by creating a website that shows all you have to offer to prospective clients. This should include the following: 

  • Your resume – Helping future customers to see your academic and professional accolades.
  • The subjects you tutor – So that clients can see your suitability for their children.
  • Your pricing – Being transparent about your average tutoring rate makes you look accountable and honest.
  • Your availability – So that people can see if you’d fit in their schedule.

This form of tutor marketing will also need you to post online content, which boosts your SEO and reliability for your target audience. Additionally, adding call-to-action (CTA) phrases and booking portals can turn leads to some of your most loyal customers. This is where we come in handy, as we can integrate your website with client inquiry forms and open access lesson bookings.    

8. Get client testimonials

As we’ve mentioned various times in the post, client testimonials are a solid option to showcase your trustworthiness and accountability as a tutor. Referrals can show other parents and students why you’re a good educator, and push prospective clients to quickly trust your abilities. 

Moreover, they’re a fantastic way to boost your SEO and improve your online presence. To get one, you could offer your students or parents a discount incentive per new client they get you. In their testimonial, you should ask clients to mention what was positive about their learning experience with you and how it helped them.

9. Advertise in local newspapers or classified sites

Looking for a way to get traditional clients? Then, you should use the good old method of tutor marketing: the classified section. Although this isn’t free, posting an ad in the newspaper is a simplistic means to attract more clients. 

You can include a short tutor bio, your hourly rate, and covered areas of expertise. Additionally, you could use a classified site, such as Gumtree to spread word of mouth about your unique value proposition. 

10. Print business cards and attend networking events

Another unconventional manner to market your tutoring services is by printing business cards and going to a nearby networking event. At this, you can showcase your tutoring philosophies, teaching methods, and primary subject area to your potential target audience. 

Besides just spreading your tutoring service by word of mouth, you can also hand out business cards, free supplementary learning materials, and resumes to interested attendees. All in all, you can effectively market your business for free, just by attending the event.

Frequently asked questions about marketing yourself as a tutor

Still unsure about tutor marketing? Check out these commonly asked queries for some more information on the subject. 

How do tutors get clients?

The most common methods for tutors to get clients is through word of mouth and recommendations. Parents are more likely to trust a tutor, if they’ve heard great things about the tutor.  

How do I present myself as a tutor? 

You should dress accordingly – smart-casual clothing is suitable. Additionally, you should arrive on time, introduce yourself and your methods, and make sure you build rapport with both the student and the parents. All in all, this helps you to appear friendly and ensure confidence in your tutoring abilities. 

How do I market myself as a tutor online?

A huge aspect of marketing yourself online is to take advantage of social media. Here, you can show off your personality, teaching style, and some learning materials. Additionally, using online forums, such as Reddit, Quora, and Duolingo to answer questions can show others your experience. 

Wrapping up 10 effective tips about marketing yourself as a tutor

It’s so pivotal to advertise your tutoring business in various ways, whether that’s online on a social media platform or at a free event in your area. No matter which method you choose, it’s important to keep your branding consistent and your offerings clear. 

When marketing yourself, you should spread your presence across the internet, including by using online tutoring platforms, such as TutorCruncher. We offer several features to get your business out there, including email and SMS marketing and client reviews.

Looking for more information on how to become a better tutor? Read some of our other posts about teaching, such as this post on tips for efficient tutoring online.

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