Taking Payment Easily

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No More Timesheets

Simple Invoice Generation

With a few clicks, we tell you who owes what, provide the details, and draft a PDF for them.

Automated Invoices

Want your billing to run hands-free? Use Auto Invoicing, our tool that instantly invoices the client after the lesson ends.

Payouts To Tutors

We'll tell you what tutors worked what hours and give you all the details. We even provide a PayRun tool for you to send the payment.

Accounting Made Easy

Bespoke, Branded Invoices

Like the current look of your invoice PDFs? No problem, with our editable HTML templates, you can recreate them in TutorCruncher.

Tax and Analytics

Want to breakdown your income by client, by subject taught and by age group? No problem. We also calculate and apply sales tax both for companies and for marketplaces.

CSV Exports

Export your financial information from TutorCruncher in a CSV file, a format perfectly designed for upload to Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Take Cards and Direct Debit

Let your clients save their card details with you and pay any charge on demand. Check out how to take card payments using Stripe.

Many payment models supported

Choose a payment model that suits your business. We can handle dozens of billing models including upfront, in arrears, with a monthly flat rate, and after each lesson.

Automatically Charge Clients

Want the money to flow in after the invoice has been sent out? We'll take payment from clients automatically after a designated period.

I am an accountant specialising in the tuition sector and many of my clients use TutorCruncher. The accounting side is excellent and the integration with Xero, Stripe, GoCardless and TransferWise works very well. I have used other tutor management software over the past few years but have found TutorCruncher to be the best by a long stretch.

Julia Allnutt, Julia Allnutt Ltd Chartered Accountants
Julia Allnutt

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