TutorCruncher’s internal accounting is compatible with Xero. You can export your detailed accounting data from TutorCruncher in CSV format, which you can then seamlessly upload into Xero. That way, you can reconcile all of your sales accounting against the rest of your company’s expenses. {{ tc_link('/getting-paid/help/accounting-setup-and-autocharge/accouting-setup/', 'More info')}}.


With TutorCruncher, you can integrate your accounting data with QuickBooks. You can download a detailed CSV file containing your accounting data which you can then import into QuickBooks without the need to do any formatting; it’s therefore easy to keep all of your relevant data and reporting all in one place. {{ tc_link('/getting-paid/help/accounting-setup-and-autocharge/accouting-setup/', 'More info')}}.


With our card payment system, taking payments from your clients is simple and effective. With an integrated Stripe account, your clients can pay your invoices conveniently by following an email link. Additionally, your clients can securely save card details on file for ease of billing. It takes seconds to set up and begin taking card payments from anywhere in the world. {{ tc_link('/getting-paid/help/taking-debit-and-credit-card-payments/what-is-stripe/', 'More info')}}.


You can take Direct Debit payments from your clients with our GoCardless integration. Once you have requested a mandate, you can have an active direct debit on file which you automatically bill whenever you send your clients an invoice. With extremely low fees and payment failure rates, your cash flow can be extremely effective this way. {{ tc_link('/getting-paid/help/direct-debit/gocardless-and-prices/', 'More info')}}.


Paying your tutors and independent contractors has never been easier. With our Telleroo integration, your tutors can save their bank details securely on their profile. Then, you can automatically pay into these bank details once you have sent the tutor a payment order using your connected Telleroo account, saving you valuable time and money. {{ tc_link('/getting-paid/help/paying-out-to-tutors/what-are-automated-payouts-with-telleroo/', 'More info')}}.


With TutorCruncher, you and your tutors and clients can sign in using your Google account. New users can sign themselves up with their existing Google login, meaning they will not have to remember yet another set of login details.


Almost everyone has a Facebook account, and almost everyone is guilty from time to time of forgetting one of their many email/password combinations. TutorCruncher allows you and your users to sign in and sign up using Facebook to have a smooth login experience.

Your Website

You can use {{ tc_link('/tutoring-online/help/advanced-website-integration-with-socket/what-is-tutorcruncher-socket-and-what-can-i-do-with-it/', 'Socket')}} to integrate TutorCruncher with your website, using either our ready-made frontend or your own javascript. You can list your tutors online, process lesson booking, and link an enquiry form with your account by simply copying and pasting a couple of lines of code into your website. We work with Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress, and more!


Your tutors, clients, and students are all able to log in to access their personal calendar. Additionally, they can integrate the lessons in their TutorCruncher calendar onto their personal device, allowing them to keep track of their lessons on mobile.

TutorCruncher's API

TutorCruncher has a comprehensive API allowing you to perform any action available in the standard user interface programmatically. If you wish to have access to your API, please contact us at With API access activated visit TutorCruncher setup, from there you can generate an API token and get a link to the browsable API.