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Lesson Data Reveals Eye-Opening Insights.

Here at TutorCruncher we are not just a market leading online tutoring platform but we provide insights to our users and the wider tutoring community from the data we hold.  From average tutoring rates, to results we help users understand the direction of travel for the tutoring industry.

We are pleased to share lesson data on taught subjects in the 2022/2023 academic year for the UK.  

Tutoring trends in the UK Data

A summary of the data shows quite remarkable growth for not only the increased use of our platform but also considerable year on year growth for many subjects, at least in terms of the numbers of lessons taught.

This is valuable information for tutoring businesses, but remember this is purely data from our platform, wider global tutoring trends may look a little different.  However, we share this information with you on the understanding you can investigate further before making any business decisions.

Key Findings:

Unprecedented Growth in the Tutoring Sector: 

Over the past three years, lessons processed through TutorCruncher have seen a staggering growth of 260%.

Shift in STEM Lessons: 

While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects dominated last year's lessons, accounting for 64%, there has been a noticeable decline this year, down to 55%.

Rise of Exam Preparation Lessons: 

The research highlighted a remarkable uptick in the demand for exam preparation lessons, including 11+, Common Entrance and more. From just 3.8% last year, it has soared to 16% this year.

Implications for Tutors:

This fresh data offers invaluable insights, especially for tutors already in the industry and those contemplating venturing into new niches. The significant growth in exam preparation lessons suggests a rising demand in this niche, and the drop in STEM lessons indicates potential saturation or a shift in student priorities.

STEM Lessons

This will no doubt spark a debate about STEM tutoring and the availability of in-school extra tutoring which may affect the trends.  It should be noted again that this is a limited Dataset and STEM lessons are still being accessed in huge numbers on our platform,  but the information does seem to indicate a downward trend to be more in line with Pre 2021/22 levels.

Exam Prep Lessons

Unlike STEM exam prep, which has been growing year on year since 2019 has shown an incredible jump of 610% this year.   That represents over 30,000 lessons compared to less than 5000 during 21/22.

Is this a permanent shift and what might be driving it?  It may be the availability of lessons is higher and students are choosing it or it may be that students are driving the growth with requests for this type of lesson.  It will be a trend to keep an eye on for sure but already we know that if you do not offer exam prep lessons already. Then it might be time to do so if you have the capacity.

What's Next from TutorCruncher?

In its commitment to providing the tutoring community with comprehensive data, TutorCruncher has also conducted detailed research into the costs and pay rates associated with tutoring in the UK. This report offers tutors, institutions, and parents an in-depth understanding of the financial landscape of the tutoring industry.

Full Disclosure: The full data set over the three years can be seen in this image.

UK Tutoring Trends

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