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Brandon C - Director in US

Pros: It sends automatic reminders to students, and automatically creates invoices and compiles lesson reports.

Cons: Lists populate in reverse order of use, not alphabetically, which makes finding people difficult sometimes. Also, records that are deleted stay in the trash, and are not permanently deleted.

Julia R - Business Development in US

Comments: Very well will continue using for many many years

Pros: Intuitive, easy to manage tutoring company, user friendly, love the blog

Cons: The learning curve but it was very slight

Charne P - Director in South Africa

Comments: Very positive

Pros: Easy to use and implement. Excellent client/tutor management tool.

Cons: I wish clients could have access to the profiles of our tutors, so that they can review their CV/background on the software

Joseph F - Managing Director in UK

Comments: Very good

Pros: Session reports are clear and I can see the activity of the tutors and the length of sessions

Cons: The number of hours delivered and usage by tutors could be clearer

Jason R - Owner in US

Comments: Life-changing. Seriously. Before this we were with Learnspeed and it was far less user-friendly and we were spending more.

Pros: It looks so professional to all our customers. All our tutors easily understand how to use it without nearly any training. Customers are very comfortable logging in and giving us their CC. Overall, just fantastic.

Cons: Every once in awhile I'll come across a missing feature. I then need to create a personal bot for our company that makes up for it. For example, it lacks PayPal integration for paying our teachers/tutors.

Adam H - Director in UK

Comments: Amazing product. I can’t recommend it highly enough! The team are always easy to contact and so helpful, particularly [SENSITIVE CONTENT]. Every tutoring agency should be using this!

Pros: Makes managing the logistics of my tutoring agency so easy. This is a wonderful piece of software. Invoicing is so easy and effective. Brilliant analysis and insights into my business. Ease of tutor and client management.

Cons: I like everything. It is an incredible tuition management system.

Rhi M - Private Tutor (Key Stage 1) in UK

Comments: I am very happy for the live chat feature. It is a product that is easy to use, which is especially important for busy business-owners like myself.

Pros: It is affordable, easy to use and there is still more to explore with it that I am looking forward to, especially having had the excellent support from the team which is always readily available. I am pleased that for some of the feature that aren't necessary for a business size such as my own (1 person) the terms are explained so I know whether I will need a particular feature or not.

Cons: It could be considered a bit dull-looking but the main focus is that it is functional.

Rory C - Managing Director in UK

Comments: The Profs started using TutorCruncher about half way through our first year of operations, and since then, we haven't looked back. TutorCruncher has freed up a significant amount of administrative time, allowing us to put our time and energy into business growth. It has allowed our company to scale smoothly, and the TutorCruncher team have been open to taking onboard our suggests for changes and extra features to support our business growth. Very happy with the product.

Pros: Smooth integration of all aspects of the business. Easy to use for our contractors, clients, and in house team. Fantastic billing system, integrated with online payment companies for very swift payment turnaround.

Cons: We have dealt with the occasional bug and teething issue, but these are solved very quickly by their in house team.

Bonile S - CEO in South Africa

Comments: Administration, communication, mass emails, invoicing etc was taking too much time and now TutorCruncher allows these to be setup and done quickly, enabling us to focus on growth.

Pros: We integrated the platform to our website for the tutoring company. It has almost all the functionality we needed, including a CRM management system, email automation, video integration etc. Really saves time and allows the administrators to focus on business growth. I also want to thank the Tutor Cruncher admin staff for helping us genuinely and with unbelievably high level of support.

Cons: Not sure if this is available but I haven't seen it yet. A feature for tutors to request funds from their available balances to be paid to their bank account. Currently the administrator generates a payment from their end.

Tim K - Start-Up Co-Founder in Australia

Comments: Too many to mention! They helped us scale, grow and manage a database of 140 clients and maintain intimate connections.

Pros: The customer support on this software is the best I have experienced. We launched our private tutoring service with 0 clients and 10 tutors and they were incredibly supportive and diligent from day 1 helping us towards success. Today they resolved a software error in less than an hour. They've thought of nearly everything in the software and I'm a massive fan of their iconic socket. I understand TutorCruncher is now facing several competitors but I can only give the highest most sincere recommendations.

Cons: The software is fantastic, a few nit picky improvements could be pagination in TutorCruncher socket and ability to create seperate TutorCruncher socket for different types of tutors. BOTH of which I have been informed are coming soon. AKA How good?!

Julia A - Director in UK

Comments: Saved me a huge amount of time.

Pros: I am an accountant specialising in the tuition sector and many of my clients use TutorCruncher. The accounting side is excellent and the integration with Xero, Stripe, GoCardless and Telleroo works very well. I have used other tutor management software over the past few years but have found TutorCruncher to be the best by a long stretch. The support is outstanding. I have requested specific reports and features in the past and the TutorCruncher team have been very accommodating.

Cons: If you have very specific invoice requirements (especially if you require very tailored invoices) then make sure that TutorCruncher can accommodate this. Although this might be a limitation of the accounting software (Xero or Quickbooks Online) rather than TutorCruncher.

Joe B - Director in UK

Comments: It means we don't need a library of files of information. All our clients and tutors info is at our fingertips

Pros: How it organises our accounting structures, and allows me to quickly create a job and post out to our tutors, and I also like the editability of the messages

Cons: I never really know what the user experience is for our clients and our tutors. I don't know when they get there reports and what happens if they pay their invoice on time. I'm sure I could find this out if I made myself a client and went through that whole process, but it would be great if you had a section of screenshots displaying the user experience of our clients and tutors at each step of the way.

Ivan L - CEO in US

Comments: I liked the features offered by TutorCruncher, but there was a steep learning curve. From my research, this is one of the best platforms available for an online tutoring service. It's designed for managing a tutoring service, this is not designed for a teacher to manage an online classroom. Customer service is great. If they can set up integration with Quickbooks, that would be ideal.

Pros: Very responsive and helpful team, provides prompt response to your questions. Great functionalities compared to other LMS systems out there for managing a tutoring service. The company, while still relatively small, is more established than most LMS companies out there that I found. This is important, you don't want to build your business on a company that's just someone's side gig and can go away any day.

Cons: No integration with Quickbooks, which is a major pain when managing accounting. No direct integration with Zoom, but there's an easy work-around.

Stephanie R - Tutoring Coordinator in Canada

Comments: Tutor cruncher is a vital part of our tutoring business.

Pros: I like how there are continual updates to the software with new features being added all the time. I like how easy it is to add sessions.

Cons: I would like it if newly created invoices also contained a line that states how much they owe on previous invoices and give a total amount owing for all invoices.

Rich P - Director in UK

Pros: When it comes to managing a team of tutors, this software - at least of the ones I've tried - is the most complete package: detailed profiles, automatic invoicing, filters and maps - these are just a few of the well-thought-out details.

Cons: My biggest request would be for them to integrate further payment options. Currently, Stripe is the only option, but it'd be great to have further choices.

Verified Reviewer - Director in UK

Pros: Ease of use, allowing tasks which would otherwise be difficult to be performed very quickly. Extremely high quality customer support which is happy to talk you through complex tasks and to assist with the set up.

Cons: There is something of a learning curve, this said it isn't steep. It isn't entirely flexible and some simple ( but rarely performed tasks) can be a little time consuming. Occasionally I have experienced strange issues e.g. a customer who couldn't log into the system. This said, there is always an easy solution.

Debra U - Education Consultant in UK

Pros: The fact that when you log in you can see clearly where you are up to with incomings and outgoings, client details are easily accessible so that you can see where they are up to with their accounts. You can add clients, students, tutors and jobs quickly and easily link them so that you have the whole picture and this means that you can access information instantly when someone contacts you with a query.

Cons: I would like to be able to export data (such a client or tutor email addresses) so that I can send out group emails more easily - although I have this data on a spreadsheet now so this is not a real issue.

Nathan R - Co-Founder in Australia

Comments: It is the complete package for any tutoring business! Incredible features and superb customer support!

Pros: Its simplicity combined with the plethora of useful features. The customer service is also ridiculously good!

Cons: There needs to be a button to enable administrators to apply discounts automatically. It would also be useful to have a button to view all lessons that are still 'awaiting confirmation'.

Carol T - Director in UK

Pros: Positive elements: Booking, calendar, on-line payment, reminders, database of customers. Great customer service.

Cons: It is sometimes not adapted to the needs of our business which operates as a centre. Specifically: Calendar should show cancelled sessions in red all the time - Negative entries should be made possible on credit requests to adjust to a positive balance

Tom W - Director in UK

Pros: It has made everything much more streamlined. Key features for me are the SMS and email integration and the fact that getting feedback on the lessons has become much easier.

Cons: There are some additional features I would like to see in the future (e.g. the ability to create infographics which can then be sent out to clients).

Nathalie P - Managing Director in US

Pros: Great interface, well integrated with calendar, map. Many reminders. Easy to use and understand. Quick pertinent replies on chat. Clients like using it. Tutors too. The activity feed is super useful

Cons: 2 minor aspects: - the reporting is not as detailed as I would like. Hard to separate hours billed, hours done. Hard to track hours by subject. - the credit request/ invoicing is a bit cumbersome at times.

Eric R - Education & Test Prep Specialist | Concierge Tutor | Managing Partner & Founder in US

Comments: Peace of mind that everything is tracked and our billing is current.

Pros: The ease of set up and user experience, and then how it tracks billing and payments all in one place, it saves tons of admin time.

Mary M - Owner in UK

Comments: The team at Tutorcruncher have been so helpful and available to me to answer all my questions so that I have got myself up and running within a few weeks and managed to move a busy agency over to the new system with no major hiccups. The software itself is intuitive and easy, but I still had lots of questions. The team are knowledgeable and friendly.

Pros: Easy to use and intuitive. Targeted for the industry I'm in.

Cons: Not found anything to dislike as yet

Jon G - Teacher and Private Tutor in UK

Pros: Too much to single out! I love the integration through website, the calendar function and the whiteboard functionality is second to none! It make ME feel more professional, and that rubs off onto my client families.

Cons: I do, on occasions, struggle to predict the monthly payments. It's not a big deal as it is such good value, but it's not always clear.

Ronshea E - CEO in US

Comments: The business is simply much easier to manage with TutorCruncher! Everything is basically all in one place and affordable for a startup company! Most importantly, TutorCruncher continues to upgrade and implement new innovative features which are key to keeping up with and staying ahead of the ever-evolving tutoring industry. Thanks, TutorCruncher for being the best in the game!

Pros: I can't stress how pleased I am with the TutorCruncher system. We are a fairly new tutoring company and this tutor management system has allowed us to present our company in a very professional way. From the tutor profile listings on our website, email reminders, one-click links (LessonSpace) down to the Transfer Wise payment / Accounting system, we are very happy with how we were able to create and integrate the system and make it our own.

Cons: There was a bit of a learning curve at first, but the videos help out a great deal. Batch scheduling can be super time-consuming. I wish there was a way to import an excel spreadsheet of client/student's name, date, and times especially if it's the same students and times for the entire school year. It would be great to offer the learning path, electronic assignments, and test because it would save us time and resources from having to go out of the TutorCruncher software for those necessary features.

Pippa B - Director in UK

Comments: It’s a fantastic product, with fantastic support. I can’t believe anyone would sign up to Tutorcruncher and regret it.

Pros: It saves you hiring an admin person. It streamlined invoicing. With TutorCruncher running in the background, you can focus all your efforts into building your company and making it better. I was pretty nervous as a CRM is such a vital aspect of the business and difficult to change once started. But I never looked backed after.

Cons: The only real Con for me, is that it’s designed for an agency. So has all the features you would expect for self employed tutors. My tutoring business is a company and everyone is paid by PAYE, I wish I could turn all the self employed features off. Eg, the amount Tutorcruncher tells tutors that have earth, is not what they get in their wages. Also I wish it had a feature that could collect the millage to make a our tutors milage claims automated. But that is just wishful thinking.

Bella B - General Administrator in South Africa

Pros: As someone who helps with running a tutoring company, tutorcruncher has helped us in many aspects of our company. From keeping track of enquiries and tutoring jobs to helping sort out payments with ease. It's very quick and easy to figure out the system, and great to use.

Cons: A feature that would be helpful is perhaps an ability to integrate with, and also to link an email to send information to when a client/tutor updates their profile.

Jessica H - Program Supervisor in US

Comments: built in invoicing and credit tracking features for client accouts.

Pros: Many features are intuitive to use and don't require a lot of training. Whether its administrative features, client features or tutor features, I am able to easily address questions from all of our users. There have only been a few instances where I've need to seek out support from the TC team or reference the user guide. In those instances, I have always gotten the answers I needed with out a lot of hassle.

Cons: There are some limits to how you can sort client and student lists. Additionally, when users go dormant or jobs are finished these values still remain in the search and maps feature. It would be more helpful to have these types of values go dark in these features.

Shiv R - Director in UK

Comments: Excellent service and quick response times whenever we have a query. I have been impressed by the ease at which we can manage invoicing and payments. TutorCruncher is a great asset to our company.

Pros: Nice user interface, easy for tutors to use and clients and tutors really like the fact that they get a breakdown at the end of the month.

Cons: The software itself is very good and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Michelle C - Director in US

Pros: The itemisation of activities, that is, that every entry is day and time stamped/recorded for verification. Tutor Socket is an excellent plugin; although tricky to activate on website.

Cons: Not as intuitive as could be. Only integrates with Stripe and not PayPal. Takes quite a lot of time to input client...student...job

Stephanie R - Owner in US

Comments: I've been able to grow my company faster and easier than ever while not feeling overwhelmed. I'm no longer chasing clients for money and completing payroll takes about 1/5 of the time it did before.

Pros: Phenomenal customer service. Excellent response times. Brilliant value! System is regularly updated based on client requests. I have felt incredibly supported in my transition to Tutorcruncher. The company understands how to transition new clients onto the system so you're not overwhelmed.

Cons: It is UK based program so some of the spelling and common language is different than the U.S. Tutorcruncher has been accommodating and is working through these issues and has already addressed some of them.

Ganesh K - Co-Owner & Manager in UK

Comments: It changed the way my School runs for the better

Pros: It is all encompassing, every aspect of running tuition classes is covered. This is the system I literally dreamed of before I came across it.

Cons: As a victim of it's own success, there are areas that can be tweaked to improve my own experience, but the devs are really responsive to feedback.

Laurent A - Gestionnaire in Canada

Comments: Using TutorCruncher has allowed us to grow our company pretty fast. It also gave us the ability to offer a great customer service and to automate a big part of our business.

Pros: The best part of TutorCruncher is truly the support team. They are just incredibly helpful whenever you run into a problem. The whole software is user friendly and the learning curve is about 1 week if you have no experience. We also like the fact that it's customizable so that you can fit the software to your own business model.

Cons: The only cons we find is the ability to do bulk actions. Other than this, it would be nice to have support on the weekend :)

Verified Reviewer - Owner in US

Comments: We would barely be able to manage handling tutors and clients at this level of operation for our new company. As we scale up, it will become impossible to manage without it.

Pros: Automated reminders for clients and tutors. It really cuts down on the time that it takes to keep everyone up to date with their calendar.

Cons: Payout integration not implemented for US customers. We have to pay our tutors individually using Venmo. It takes a lot of our time and Telleroo for US could really help.

Emma B - Business Owner and Teacher in UK

Comments: Great system, makes my life so easy and the support from Tutor Cruncher has been amazing, these guys have so much patients and are really nice.

Pros: It calculates all the fees and deducts everything so clients can see their balance. I also love the fact that tutors have to write a report before they can see their balance and for me to see the balance to pay. This takes the pressure off me and I don't have to keep chasing them for reports - makes it all professional.

Cons: Making sure I tick the correct boxes in the set up, but nothing really cos it gets explained to you by the tutor cruncher guys. So it is all easy.

Mitra P - Program Manager for Social Emotional Learning in US

Pros: It is easy to access through any internet software. Very ideal for on the go or on the computer. The note taking process is quick and easy with prompts as a great guide.

Cons: When I am an admin I have to switch to my tutor role to input my own timesheet. The switching back and forth is not always ideal when I am on my phone just trying to input my notes for a client.

Sarah C - Founder and Director in Australia

Pros: TutorCruncher is very logical once you get your head around it. The team are super helpful and walk you through everything with the initial set up. I have been extremely impressed, and the admin hours we log have decreased.

Cons: TutorCruncher scared me a little bit at the start because it is so powerful - it can seem intimidating. But it's important to work through the set up calmly, as it pays off in the end!

Shakoor A - Admin in Romania

Comments: Very good

Pros: good support, easy to use, API's are good.

Cons: not a very attractive GUI, lot of categories to go through, need an in depth tutorial.

Janie T - US

Comments: Tutor Cruncher has completely transformed my business. We were able to take a complicated system that used paper, Quickbooks, and Excel and combine it all into one, easy to use, website. It has highly increased our productivity, especially it's ability to send out reminder emails, as well as track payments. It is highly customizable and can fit all kinds of tutoring businesses. I highly recommend Tutor Cruncher.

Amilia B - Operations Manager in UK

Comments: TutorCruncher is slick, efficient and easy to use and I would highly recommend it to any business needing to streamline their billing procedure. Without it we would need to employ at least 2 more full time staff.

Seattle Tutoring Services - Company in US

Comments: "When Seattle Tutoring Services began, our main task was making sure we had Seattle's best math and science tutors, and a steady flow of new students to keep us busy. As the business grew, things got more complicated. Not only did we need to help students have success in school but we needed to coordinate a host of moving parts: Scheduling, billing, payments, matching students to tutors and the list goes on. TutorCruncher helps bring this all together into a well-oiled machine. To use a car analogy, they use the best parts available, full synthetic oil and the best trained mechanics. Most importantly, when something breaks, they are available to investigate the matter and fix it ASAP. They share the same philosophy as our business: never rest on your laurels - always strive to do better."

Company Website: Seattle Tutoring Services

Bright Young Things Tuition - Company in the UK

Comments: "TutorCruncher is a superbly proficient business management tool that in essence streamlines day to day administration, accounting, invoicing and role assignment. It's design and usage are largely purposed for companies in the Education sector but it's most impressive facets are:

  • Incredibly intuitive user interface - TC's functionality is incredibly impressive.
  • Streamlined accounting and invoicing - TC probably accounts for an extra 1 - 1.5 salaried staff members.
  • Keeping track of client and tutor activities and relationships.
  • Matching tutors to clients - we have a high volume of clients often with specific needs - tc's innovative job's board allows us to link them to tutors with the requisite skill set with ease.
  • Regular updates - TC updates regularly and whenever they do there is a full brief of all changes but more importantly, amendments and small evolutions feel a direct result of user needs and feedback.
  • Customer Service - the team are bang on hand to talk through any queries and their face to face response time is highly impressive. No query is too small."

Company Website: Bright Young Things Tuition

The Study Shack - Company in the US

Comments: "TutorCruncher has completely transformed my business. We were able to take a complicated system that used paper, Quickbooks, and Excel and combine it all into one, easy to use, website. It has highly increased our productivity, especially its ability to send out reminder emails, as well as automatically track payments that our clients make by card. It is highly customizable and can fit all kinds of models of tutoring businesses. I would not hesitate to recommend TutorCruncher, we love it!"

Company Website: The Study Shack

Quintessentially Education - Company in the UK

Comments: "Quintessentially Education has found TutorCruncher to be a highly effective system which has transformed the way we are able to manage both clients and tutors. By having all tutors’ and clients’ data in one place, it has enabled the business to run smoothly and grow. The lesson logging and reporting is highly efficient and allows us to keep an eye on our tutor placements without having to interfere, which is appreciated by both tutors and clients. The invoicing system is simple and works brilliantly, and the new Stripe integration is a fantastic addition which we are looking forward to setting up. The system is backed up by the wonderful TutorCruncher team who could not be more helpful."

Company Website: Quintessentially Education

Bonas MacFarlane - Company in the UK

Comments: "TutorCruncher has revolutionised the way Bonas MacFarlane interacts with both its clients and tutors. The management software allows us to communicate with our audience is an incredibly effective and efficient manner. The invoicing procedure is outstanding and the report system allows us to keep a close eye on the tutees progress ensuring we keep up-to-date with every placement. Reliable and robust, TutorCruncher has proved faultless for us."

Company Website: Bonas MacFarlane

Nepean Tutoring - Company in Australia

Comments: "TutorCruncher is fantastic and is a refreshing change from the old system we were using. We get a great amount out of the system's features and enjoy exploring the system to use more and more of what is available as a user. The support team have been a godsend when it comes to promptly answering any (and I mean any) questions and problems in detail, despite the time difference as we are in Sydney. Having all of the information we need in one place and giving our clients the ability to access this is fantastic and user-friendly. The staff at Nepean, as well as our clients, are thrilled with TutorCruncher and what is has to offer."

Company Website: Nepean Tutoring

Athena Tuition - Company in the UK

Comments: "We at Athena Tuition found TutorCruncher just the nick of time. As a fast growing tutoring agency providing the best possible tutors across London and the United Kingdom, we quickly began to find ourselves deluged by paperwork, from invoices, to lesson logs, to payment orders, and much more. All of these we initially managed with separate systems- with growing difficulty. Finding TutorCruncher, we found a ready-made system built entirely for and centred around the needs of a tutoring agency - which managed all of these various systems in one single place.

Using it since then has been an absolute no-brainer, and at it's core, its basic function is time saving. As a business, why waste hours every week manually performing functions which are done automatically and better by TutorCruncher, for lower than it costs in human hours? TutorCruncher is like having a new person in the business. We haven't looked back!"

Company Website: Athena Tuition

The Profs - Company in the UK

Comments: "The Profs began using TutorCruncher around 6 months after we began operations. Until then, all the information we had for tutors, students, jobs, and payments was recorded on a series of very confusing and disordered spreadsheets. Due to the amount of administrative time it took to keep these up-to-date, we were very limited on the number of students and tutors we could handle at anyone time. The move on TutorCruncher has lead to a great increase in the efficiency of the work we do, and has allowed us to expand rapidly into the tuition market.

The integrated payments, smooth operating system, and user-friendly design, have given us a hugely scalable product, and the amount of time we have saved has allowed us to focus on growing our business into new and exciting areas! It is safe to say that we would not be where we are today without the support of TutorCruncher."

Company Website: The Profs

Gabbitas Education - Company in the UK

Comments: "Gabbitas implemented TutorCruncher in December 2015. Since doing so, the system has really helped speed up our processes by significantly decreasing our amount of administration and paperwork. The system permits us to manage each tutoring assignment effectively, allowing us to dedicate more time to our tutors and clients and provide them with the high class service they deserve! We have received excellent support from the TutorCruncher team and they have been on hand to answer any questions or queries we have incurred along the way."

Company Website: Gabbitas Education

Services Tutorat - Company in Canada

Comments: "For the past years, like many tutoring agencies, we have been using the good old excel sheet to manage our tutors and their students. We were combining it with a merchant account to manually charge clients by credit card. But it got to a point where it was way too time consuming. And honestly, with hundreds of excel lines of data to enter each month, it didn’t take long before some mistakes were made. So we finally decided to go with a tutoring agency CRM to make our life easier. We spent many weeks trying and testing different ones, and we finally chose TutorCruncher, for one simple reason: it is the most complete tutoring agency CRM out there. Other than permitting us to manage our students and tutors efficiently, we are able to send them beautiful broadcast communications, send new job notifications to tutors, have them create a report for each lesson and generate beautiful invoices and payment orders. On top of that, unlike most of the other products available, there are a ton of metrics available (activity, income, lesson hours) and the the CRM is multi-language. If you are a tutoring agency looking for one unique CRM to manage everything efficiently, we highly recommend! P.S. The technical support is wonderful."

Company Website: Services Tutorat

Framework Development Group - Company in US

Comments: "One of the best things about TutorCruncher is the unparalleled customer support. The team is always available to respond to questions, provide helpful advice, and guide my learning process. I can't begin to express my gratitude."

Company Website: Framework Development Group

Tutoring...With a Twist - Company in Canada

Comments: "From the moment we were deciding to purchase TutorCruncher to today, I have not found their level of service or commitment to our company has laxed."

Company Website: Tutoring...With a Twist

Unegma - Company in UK

Comments: "TutorCruncher have been a fantastic team to work with, very helpful in their suggestions and responses, very willing to listen to feedback, and are constantly making improvements to their products and services."

Company Website: Unegma

Telios Tutors - Company in UK

Comments: "Amazing CRM system and support! I have been a user of TutorCruncher for many years. I love how they are so innovative and anticipate the road ahead with the user's experience in mind. A friendly team of people who are very helpful, too. Thank you for your incredible service!"

Company Website: Telios Tutors

Ajla D - Head of Marketing and Recruitment in UK

Comments: I just love it. Its a great software with so many features that you can make use of

Pros: I came across Tutorcruch software in January 20, i wished i had come across before. I just love this system. Because of how smart it is, it has allowed me to develop new product and services

Cons: The coding part, but since i have passed all details to my IT officer who helps me with everything.

Alexander K - Owner in US

Comments: Tutorcruncher has a better integration option with my website and CRM system. More customization options available. Better integration with billing and merchant services. The smaller company provides better tech support and a more personal experience

Pros: Sockets provide out-of-box integration with our own cloud-based platform and CRM. Everything from billing, merchant services, tutor matching, online whiteboard integration is provided by TutorCruncher. Simple job/lessons workflow. Easy customizable forms and workflows

Cons: Socket needs to be better documented and provide more customization. Hosting option is too expensive. Should provide customer support in US timezones

Jelena G - Australia

Comments: Tutorcruncher is FANTASTIC and is a refreshing change from the old system we were using. The features (although we have not fully utilised all of them yet) are fantastic and as we explore the system we are excited to use more and more of the handy features available. Sam from the support team has been a godsend when it comes to promptly answering any (and I mean any! silly as they may be sometimes) question and problem in detail. Despite the time difference between us in Sydney (Australia) and him in the UK he is always reachable. Overall the staff and clients are thrilled with tutor cruncher and what it has to offer.

Pros: It is user-friendly. contains all the information in one spot. the support is fantastic and it is accessible by the clients.

Cons: a few minor issues like limited information on reports; I would like to be able to print client balance information. Navigating from Payment order back to the list sometimes requires a few too many clicks. Admin should be able to edit lesson charges and change the lesson status once it has been completed, cancelled or even deleted (possibly have levels of admin where the highest level has the permission to change this)

Fabrice T - Ceo in Brazil

Comments: Our business grew quickly and there are no limit on nimbers of students our company can handle.

Pros: You have to understand and set it up the right way, one done, it works as a charm.

Cons: Some errors sometimes but quickly fixed. Need to develop the student experience and tools. Such as online docunents editions and organized pedagogical documents f9r the students to come back and revise.

Verified Reviewer - Admin Expert in Australia

Comments: Central platform for all parties concerned in a tutorial company.

Pros: Functionality. Creates and records lessons accurately. Feedback system. Especially fits with our business

Cons: Ease of use. it's sometimes confusing when you want to edit previous lessons, such as deleting them, changing their feedbacks and such. Sometimes you can click into a lesson that says "Editable" but then you cannot delete it. Would be better if the rules around how lessons can be cancelled/deleted are more clear.

Eric R - Founder in US

Pros: Ease of implementation, how it takes care of every aspect of running a tutoring firm, and how it's constantly evolving for the better by aggregating the experience of tons of education companies.

Cons: No complaints really, we've used TutorCruncher for years and plan on continuing to do so.

Oscar H - CEO in UK

Pros: Integrated system for hours and for bills make it a very good customer experience. I like the fact that parents can log in to review their total activity.

Cons: Is slightly clunky navigating through screens. When you are going through numerous students or tutors you have to click back and forth.

Woody W - Director in UK

Comments: Having used it from the inception I think one cannot find a better piece of software for tutoring businesses

Pros: Easy to use

Sarah C - Owner and tutor in UK

Comments: It is simple and easy to use and makes all my invoices for me.

Pros: I like the ability to create invoices and lesson plans with ease and to send out a message to all my clients.

Cons: I dislike the way that if you make a mistake on the invoicing you cannot remove it unless you change the date parameters.

Cherith H - Director in UK

Comments: By paying the extra I have had some virtual one-to-one sessions that have been very helpful. The overall experience is excellent with TutorCruncher.

Pros: The fact that it works so well for tutoring as it is built from experience, that it is great for payment and invoicing and that it can work for adult learning.

Cons: I wish that the lesson report was available as a PDF for the Tutor who has written it. That would be helpful.

Michelle F - Owner in Canada

Comments: All my users can access client information from anywhere, and see what jobs are available. Tutor profiles help me quickly discern who would be best for a client. Clients can input changes and update credit card information safely and securely

Pros: The developers are constantly adding new features and adapting to our needs. Interface is easy to use and nicely streamlined. Integration with Stripe makes me feel confident that my clients' information is secure

Alexandra H - Tutoring Coordinator in US

Comments: One of the best things about TutorCruncher is the unparalleled customer support. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] are always available to respond to questions, provide helpful advice, and guide my learning process. I can't begin to express my gratitude.

Pros: As I got to know the software, I started wondering if it had certain capabilities. Everything I wished for already existed. They have thought of everything!

Cons: I do not have any criticisms. The software is customizable and well-organized.

Verified Reviewer - Education Consultant in UK

Pros: Everything can be done from the one site. It tracks everything- sessions, hours completed, tutors details, payments, invoices, etc.

Cons: There are very few issues with the software. If anything the setting up of tutors and the specialisms could be simplified. Connecting students to paying clients is a little convoluted too.

Kairat T - developer in Kyrgyzstan

Comments: It helps automatize many tasks in out business

Pros: I loved great customer support, thanks to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]! Also, api documentation is clear.

Cons: Seems that all is good, no complains for now.

Tuan N - CEO in Vietnam

Pros: The support team is great. They always help us to solve the problems

Cons: We can't customize (translate it into our country native language)

Harriet C - UK

Comments: I have been beyond impressed by the whole team at TutorcCruncher. They are efficient, hard working and friendly and ALWAYS get the job done. I would highly recommend them.

Lisa C - Director in UK

Comments: Adds credibility to our agency by using a professional software.

Pros: The customer support is unparalleled; the live chat service enables us to reach out to the team should we need help at any point. However, the software has been well designed and optimises the user's experience so it's not often we need to do so.

Cons: Not much can be said at this point. Perhaps I could suggest an extra feature; there could be a list of subjects that tutors can manually "select" so that we can reach out to tutors who tutor this specific subject instead of sending out mass broadcasts. Similarly, if there are students who are studying a particular subject / level, perhaps there could be a way of categorising this so that we could send valuable content via email marketing.

Michelle J - Director in Australia

Comments: Time is money and this software saves me heaps of time. It has also increased my business's capacity to grow without me having to employ another administration person.

Pros: Easy to track jobs and lessons. Turned my paper lesson reports into electronic ones. Empowers my tutors and clients. Time sheets are managed once tutors mark a lesson complete. Compared to their competition, price versus features is unbeatable. Great support. The guys at Tutorcruncher area always very responsive and they are on the other side of the world for me

Cons: Credit requests and invoicing is done a little bit different from how I used to do it and required a change to my internal business processes. If there is an amount still owing on a credit request, I'd like to see that marked as transferred to the invoice when the invoice supersedes that credit request. I don't use it to track tutor pay because our Australian casual employment pay rates are too difficult to implement. I simply export tutor hours and manually enter into Xero's payroll.

Zac N - Director in UK

Pros: The software is great but even better than that is the customer service provided by reps. They are always extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Cons: The revenue snapshot could be more helpful (instead of comparing to previous 28 days would be more relevant to compare to the same period in the previous year).

Steven F - Co founder in Canada

Pros: Love the customer service! Also, this CRM makes our life so much easier in managing tutors and client invoices.

Cons: Nothing to say, they are a great team and they are always there to provide great customer support. Good job!

Verified Reviewer - Private Tutor in US

Pros: The ability to charge client's cards on file helps tremendously. This limits payment reminders to only the clients who insist on charging their card themselves. Saves lots of time and stress dealing w/ cash flow issues.

Cons: I wish I could use it to pay my tutors directly. I realize they're in the UK so their must be some issues with facilitating payments in the US.

Verified Reviewer - Instructor in US

Comments: Ease of use

Pros: The UI design is beautiful and easy to use, and being able to use text to speech when writing is fantastic!

Cons: Sometimes it is difficult to navigate the site, some of the buttons can be ambiguous in their description.

Praema S - Owner in UK

Comments: Managers all clients and tutors in one place. It has saved me so much time and helps me be much more organised,

Pros: It is great to manage my clients and tutors. It has made monitoring payment and lessons much easier. I like how my inquiry form is linked to my page and automatically sets up the client. Sam has been a great support helping me get set up. Great service all round.

Cons: No cons. It would be nice to have SMS service to send reminders too (for free) but it isn't a deal breaker.

Catherine C - Tutor in US

Pros: It’s very intuitive and easy for any user to manage especially those with less technical skills

Cons: Nothing, it has been very helpful to my organization

Wesley S - Director in UK

Comments: Tutorcruncher has been really valuable to us as a tool to streamline our company Athena Tuition ( . We've used tutorcruncher for about 2 years now, and seen it in multiple iterations. Its always improving in functionality and utility for the job of running a tutoring agency. It wasn't that user friendly at first, but it's made massive strides in that direction now. However, its always been rich in features as it's enterprise software, so you pay for how much it contributes to the business- which is enormously.