Take advantages of resources tailor made for tutoring agencies

Aside from having the correct tools to keep track of your clients and engage users, TutorCruncher provides you with a library of knowledge to keep your business thriving. Our team knows the tutoring business inside and out, and we want to share that knowledge with you.
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Beginner Guides

If you are new to the TutorCruncher system, we are here to help! We have created a number of easy to follow PDF guides which take you through the basics of the system.

A guide for new business Admins

This PDF is for Admins to get them started using TutorCruncher quickly and help Admins understand the basics for managing Users, Lessons and Invoices.

View admin user guide

A guide for new Tutors

This PDF is for Tutors and how they can use TutorCruncher for managing their Profile, applying to Jobs and organising their Lessons.

View tutor user guide

A guide for new Clients

This PDF is for new Clients to help get started using TutorCruncher to manage their Profile, Lessons and their Accounting.

View client user guide

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