Superior Scheduling

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Intelligent Tutor-Student Matching

By Skills

Selectively advertise job opportunities to tutors based on their skills and experience.

By Location

Only notify nearby tutors of new teaching opportunities in their neighborhoods.

By Custom Category

Have a different metric for how you communicate opportunities? No problem, use labels to notify tutors by price tier, universities attended or even shoe size (if you wanted to).

Plan and Record Lessons

Set Repeating Lessons

No more week-by-week scheduling on spreadsheets. Once you have a time and day that everybody’s happy with, set it to repeat long into the future.

Automatic Lesson Reminders

Send email and/or SMS reminders to clients, students and tutors anywhere from 10 minutes before the lesson to two days before. Click to see how to use Lesson Reminders.

Lesson Feedback Reports

After each lesson the tutor is asked to write a unique report to provide feedback, the report format can be fully customised.

Publicly Bookable Lessons

On Client Log In

When your clients access their accounts they see a calendar for Bookable Lessons where they can choose which classes they would like to attend.

Through Your Website

Want to advertise individual classes to your prospective clients? Use our website plug-in to have them easily available online.

Smart Cancellations

Clients can cancel their own lessons (so you don’t have to), but if they cancel without giving sufficient notice, a charge will still be assigned to them.

Easy to use Calendar

Extensive Filtering

Colour code and sort your calendar by; Tutor, Student, Client, Client Manager, Course, Location and Status.

External Integrations

With our iCal integration your clients, tutors, students, and admins can access their calendar through Google, Apple or Outlook calendar.

Tutor Availability

We give tutors the option to set their availability so that you always know who you have available when the need arises.

Easy to track Jobs and Lessons. Turned my paper Lesson Reports into electronic ones. Compared to their competition, price versus features is unbeatable. The guys at TutorCruncher are always very responsive and they are on the other side of the world for me.

Michelle Jansen, The Lime Zone
Michelle Jansen

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