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Intelligent Tutor-Student Matching

By Skills

Selectively advertise job opportunities to tutors based on their skills and experience.

By Location

Only notify nearby tutors of new teaching opportunities in their neighborhoods.

By Custom Category

Have a different metric for how you communicate opportunities? No problem, use labels to notify tutors by price tier, universities attended or even shoe size (if you wanted to).

Plan and Record Lessons

Set Repeating Lessons

No more week-by-week tutor scheduling on spreadsheets. Once you have a time and day that everybody's happy with, set it to repeat long into the future.

Automatic Lesson Reminders

Send email and/or SMS reminders to clients, students and tutors anywhere from 10 minutes before the lesson to two days before. Click to see how to use Lesson Reminders.

Lesson Feedback Reports

After each lesson the tutor is asked to write a unique report to provide feedback, the report format can be fully customised.

Publicly Bookable Lessons

On Client Log In

When your clients access their accounts they see a calendar for Bookable Lessons where they can choose which classes they would like to attend.

Through Your Website

Want to advertise individual classes to your prospective clients? Use our website plug-in to have them easily available online.

Smart Cancellations

Clients can cancel their own lessons (so you don't have to), but if they cancel without giving sufficient notice, a charge will still be assigned to them. Reduce no shows.

Easy to use Calendar

Extensive Filtering

Colour code and sort your calendar by; Tutor, Student, Client, Client Manager, Course, Location and Status.

External Integrations

With our iCal integration your clients, tutors, students, and admins can access their calendar through Google, Apple or Outlook calendar.

Tutor Availability

We give tutors the option to set their tutor scheduling and availability so that you always know who you have available when the need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you coordinate appointments between tutors?

If you own a tutoring service or tutoring center, appointment scheduling can be time consuming and at times even tricky. The more tutors you have on your team, the more likely you will experience overlap between tutoring sessions. Making sure you have your tutors in the right place, at the right time, is key to keeping customers happy and appointments flowing.

Here are a few thing you can do to ensure that your tutors are in the right place at the right time and your scheduling runs smoothly:

Create a pool of tutors: Having a wide range of tutors will mean any appointment requirements can be met. Scheduling software can allow you to keep the details of many tutors on file. This means if you have a client request a unique session, you will likely be able to provide them with a well qualified tutor.

Having a pool of private tutors will also help your business gain more clients and continue to grow. With our effective booking system, you can see real time updates to streamline your business management.

Utilize a shared calendar: Making sure a tutor's appointments don't overlap is crucial. A shared calendar within scheduling software can make your life as an administrator easier. Using simple, but effective scheduling tools to log tutor hours, availability and future sessions, can stop little mistakes from losing your customers.

If you want to take your appointment coordination to the next level - why not use a shared calendar integrated with google calendar? This integration will pull all upcoming lessons through to a tutor's personal calendar, meaning they will get reminders on multiple platforms.

Send out lesson reminders: Once your scheduling pipeline is sorted, all you have to do is make sure tutors and students turn up to their sessions. A great way to do this is through lesson reminders. These can be sent out to users via email or SMS ahead of a online tutoring appointment.

Tutor Scheduling Software, such as TutorCruncher, allows you to automate these tutoring session reminders meaning you never have to worry about them again! We offer a free 14 day trial (no credit card required).

What happens at an online tutoring session?

While tutoring sessions will vary depending on the tutor and appointment type (e.g.: peer tutoring session, online tutoring session, tutoring center appointment) there are some things you can expect regardless of your personal set-up.

Here is a simple breakdown:

Before the session: Prior to a tutoring appointment, a tutor will likely want to learn a little bit about the student. This will cover things such as:

  • What is the student having difficulty with?
  • Why do they want to have tutoring sessions?
  • What do they hope to get out of the session?
  • Do they have any special requirements?

The tutor will also make an effort to get to know a student before their session, to create a comfortable environment. This allows students to feel happy about asking questions and expressing when they are unsure about something.

During the session: The contents of a session will vary depending on the subject and tutor. Generally, tutors will go over areas of concern the student or parent has mentioned ahead of time. This might include:

  • Doing extra exercises to solidify knowledge
  • Making sure students grasp all areas of the lesson
  • Creating notes a student can refer back to in the future

Depending on the appointment type, tutors might also utilize tools such as virtual games via an online whiteboard to solidify knowledge. The majority of tutoring software or management software offers tools like these.

After the session: Following a session, most tutors will write a short lesson report. This will usually be given to the parent of a student, give a general overview of the student's performance and suggest further steps for improvement.

Some tutors will also set extra work for students to complete before the next session. This work could include exercises they need to complete, or additional reading they might need to do.

If you're looking to learn more about our tutoring software, feel free to reach out, we cover lots of tips like these on social media.

How do you handle scheduling at a tutoring company?

Scheduling requirements will vary greatly depending on the size and type of tutoring business you run. However there are a few simple steps you can take to be as prepared as possible!

Make your tutors available: The most important part of running a tutoring business or agency is securing clients. One of the best ways to do this is by advertising your agency online and letting people get in-touch via your website.

If you want to grow your business it is a good idea to have an enquiry form and a public listing of available lessons or tutors on your website. TutorCruncher’s website plug-ins allow you to do just this.

Use effective matching strategies: Having a simple but effective way of matching your tutors to students can be a huge time saver. Scheduling software will often provide you with easy to use tools which can match students to tutors based on proximity, skill set, or any custom requirements. Learn more here!

Organise your calendar: A simple, but well organized calendar can help you handle online booking with ease. It is useful to utilize CRM features such as asking tutors to enter their availability, using different filters for different users, and integrating with an external calendar such as Google or Apple. All of these tools will ensure that you are able to schedule all your clients and students effectively.

Delegate work to tutors: A big time-saver for any tutoring business owner is delegation of work to tutors. Using scheduling software can allow tutors to do as much of the admin work as you want.

Tutor Scheduling Software, such as TutorCruncher, allows tutors to login to learning centers - mark their lessons complete, write lesson reports or even schedule lessons if you want. The best part is, you have the ability to control exactly what they can and can't do without your permission.

Utilize lesson reminders: Automated lesson reminders are a great way to ensure that your well thought out scheduling runs smoothly. Whether you choose to send reminders the night before or 15 minutes before a lesson, these can ensure everyone turns to pre-scheduled appointments. Reduce no shows easily.

Easy to track Jobs and Lessons. Turned my paper Lesson Reports into electronic ones. Compared to their competition, price versus features is unbeatable. The guys at TutorCruncher are always very responsive and they are on the other side of the world for me.

Michelle Jansen, The Lime Zone
Michelle Jansen

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