Scheduling and Timetabling

Simple and customisable calendar

You can view your calendar by month, week or day and filter it by students, clients, tutors or jobs for highest possible efficiency. Give your calendar a personal note by colour-coding it however you like.

Individual calendars for every user

Every tutor, client, and student has their own log in. Logging into their account allows them to view a calendar with all their relevant information and even integrate it into their own calendars.

Tutors managing their lessons

Allow your tutors to log in and create their own lessons, manage dates and times, and mark them as complete, thereby saving you valuable time to focus on growing your business. Our system is optimised for mobile devices so that it can be used on the move.

Upload learning resources

Users can upload documents and images which allows them to make the most of their sessions by coming in properly prepared and ready to learn.

Lesson reports

TutorCruncher allows tutors to fill in a report at the end of every lesson. The report can be customised to include your own fields. The report is then automatically sent to the client along with their invoice without them needing to log in.

iCal integration

iCal integration means you can integrate your TutorCruncher calendar with your phone, email account and computer easily.