Financial Trends in UK Tutoring

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Exclusive Data on UK Tutoring Charges and Pay Rates

Once again we are providing our exclusive data for the benefit of tutors, tutoring businesses and anyone with an interest in the UK tutoring industry. This time it is an in-depth analysis of current charge rates and pay rates for tutors across the UK.

This pivotal data uncovers the evolving dynamics of the tutoring marketplace and its potential implications for tutors, students and their families alike.

Charge Rate Insights:

uk tutoring charge rates 2023

General Pricing Trend:

While tutoring prices largely mirror last year's rates, there's been a notable decline of 19% since 2019.

Maths and English lessons witnessed a price drop by 9%. In contrast, Science lessons have surged in cost by 26%.

Exam Prep Pricing:

Charge rates for exam preparation, including for 11+, common entrance, and other similar exams, have seen a significant reduction of 31%.

Primary Education:

Lessons for primary-level education have taken a hit too, dropping in price by 32%.

Pay Rate Insights:

uk tutoring pay rates

General Pay Trend:

Although lesson prices experienced a minor increase of 1%, the average tutor pay rate has seen a decline by 5%.

Exam Prep Pay Disparity:

While the charge rates for exam prep have decreased by 31%, tutors are facing a steeper pay cut, receiving 40% less.

Implications for the Tutoring Industry:

These findings suggest a growing disparity between what tutors earn and what students are charged. Particularly in specialised niches like exam prep, the data indicates that while students are enjoying more affordable rates, tutors are grappling with a substantial decrease in their pay.

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While we gather and make the data available, tutors and others should be aware that this is a limited dataset from our platform only. The data from the wider and global tutoring community may well provide different results.

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