How to start a Nannying/Childcare agency

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Nannies have been around for over a hundred years, and the industry is always expanding. If you're someone who can see the opportunity in starting a childcare agency, or you currently manage one and want to find out how to grow the business, then this blog post will outline the steps required to make it possible.

Step 1 - Choosing your target market

This is the first step with most businesses, but is quite an easy one in this case. You know your clients are going to be parent(s) or guardian(s) with children, but you may want to focus on young children or older children to begin with. You can also cater to a wide range of requests, from Au pairs to nannies to doulas - the choice is yours!

Step 2 - Establish your brand

Decide on a brand, and start building around it. The business name or logo itself isn't particularly important at this stage, but you need the things that show your business to the world. Building a website is very often the thing that a lot of new business owners spend a lot more time on that is needed. Remember, don't wait for absolute perfection, building a business is all about learning and adapting as you go.

If building a website is something you haven't done before, let TutorCruncher handle the hard work. We build fast, sleek and SEO optimised websites around your business that you'll be able to easily update as you grow.

Step 3 - Get on a manager

You'll need to decide who's going to run the day to day operations of the business. If you're just starting up it's generally one of the directors, but don't be afraid to farm the work out if you have some capital to start. That way, you can spend time on growing the business rather than just running it.

Step 4 - Decide which software system to use

Often the most underrated part of running a business, deciding which management system to use is hugely important. Your software runs your business, and you simply cannot function without it. Bad software is equally damaging, so spend some time using systems and finding out if they work with you. The best management software will not only allow to you run your business in the most efficient way possible but will give you features to help you grow and will scale with you as that happens.

Step 5 - Recruit nannies/childcare workers

Your main product is your nannies, so you need to make sure they are of the highest quality. A good website is essential here, and with TutorCruncher you can embed a link on your website that allows nannies to sign up and enter their documents, CVs and other qualifications. You can then go through and review them and give feedback on their applications.

Step 6 - Get some clients

You've got a business and a product to sell, so now you need clients. Word of mouth is the most popular way to grow, but there are a few other ways to gain traction. Facebook is good for getting your name out there, and don't be afraid to take to the streets with leaflets!

Great! You're ready to get out there and start making money!

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