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We're very excited to announce that we'll be rolling out new changes to the tutor dashboard. Tutors will be able to see all of the information that's relevant to them at a glance from their own dashboard. This includes the amount of hours they've taught, the amount they've been paid, and also the number of students they have worked with over the last 30 days. We wanted to make all of this information readily available and easily accessible to your tutors, so it will reduce the amount of administrative work that comes with answering specific questions that tutors in your agency might have.

We are always working hard to improve our Tutor Management Software and upgrade our available features!

Here are some of the improvements that we'll be making that we know your tutors will love!

More Information

One of the key areas that we've decided to improve with the new tutor dashboard, is to give tutors a bit more access to data that's relevant to them. Tutors will be able to see how many students they've worked with, as well as how much they have earned over a 30 day period. There will also be an Actions Required section, which will remind tutors to complete any outstanding lessons or reports.

Different elements to a tutors dashboard

More Insight

Tutors will also have access to their own analytics, so they'll be able to see how well they are doing over time with your agency. The Overview section contains two separate graphs relating to Hours Taught & Amount Paid, so tutors can analyse their own performance over time.

Display of the two graphs tutors have on their dashboard

More Organization

The main dashboard for tutors will be broken down into three separate tabs. This improvement means that tutors will have a separate tab for their actual profile, an overview of their earnings, as well as information relating to upcoming lessons. This makes it easier to find things at a glance, with the main dashboard panel showing a good overview of what work is relevant to the tutor when they initially log in.

A display showing the three sections of tutor dashboard

As well as breaking the dashboard into three separate tabs, we've also made tutors profiles more user-friendly. These profiles still have all the same information as before, but we've de-cluttered that page and given space to the information that matters. Admins and tutors can now hover over a Qualification to see what institute it was obtained in.

Display of tutors profile

These new & improved changes will help tutors, as well as administrators, use TutorCruncher more efficiently and smoothly.

What should we update next?

As always we want to hear your thoughts! Any feedback is more than welcome, so you can send us your suggestion via the feedback form, or send us an email to

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