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We're very excited to announce that we've recently rolled out new changes to how clients can now book lessons when they're logged into their TutorCruncher account. This will streamline your clients' journey when it comes to booking lessons and will take out a little bit of the administrative work that is involved with lesson scheduling.

We are always working hard to improve our Tutor Management Software and upgrade our available features!

Here are some of the improvements that we've made that will help your clients' book lessons more efficiently and smoothly.

Clients Booking Lessons

One of the key areas that we've decided to improve within the TutorCruncher user interface, is giving clients a bit more control over appointment bookings. Users can filter by available jobs, or simply scan through the available lessons to see what's available on a certain date and time.

Lesson scheduling based on a tutors calendar

Then, it would just be a matter of your client choosing a lesson and assigning their student to it. This will streamline the whole process of lesson booking for your client and will give your users a much better overview of what's available.

Client confirming a lesson based on lesson calendar

Clients and admins can be kept up to date when a user books onto a lesson. Realtime notifications can be sent to both types of users, so everyone is kept informed.

Our client lesson booking function was designed to save admins more time! What's more, it also allows clients to be more autonomous. Whether you provide online tutoring, run a tutoring center or focus on face-to-face tutoring sessions, this new feature will benefit you and your clients greatly!

Clients Requesting Tutors

Another key area the TutorCruncher team has improved on is how clients can now request a tutor from your agency. This is similar to how the Tutor Listing works on Socket, but this would now be from within the platform. This will now make it a lot easier for clients to request their favourite tutors, or choose one that teaches a specific subject.

We know this is a feature lots of users have been requesting, so we are very excited to be able to add it to our software!

Finding a tutor to request through their available schedule

Your clients will have more control over choosing a tutor that is available to teach at a time that suits them. This means there will be less work for you as an admin when it comes to lesson scheduling, so you can let TutorCruncher streamline that workflow for you! Finding the tutor that best fits have never been easier for your clients.

Want to stay notified when a client requests a tutor? No problem! When a client makes a request for a tutor, administrators, as well as the tutor themselves, would receive this notification. This can be very useful, as a job will automatically be created for that client's request with the tutor attached to it. It's then up to either an admin or the tutor to accept or decline that request. Clients are then kept up to speed if the lesson request was accepted or declined via an email notification.

Confirming a clients tutoring lesson request

\ These new & improved changes will help administrators, as well as clients, use TutorCruncher more efficiently and smoothly.

What should we update next?

As always we want to hear your thoughts! Any feedback is more than welcome, so you can send us your suggestion via the feedback form, or send us an email to

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