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This holiday season our developers have collaborated with Oppidan Education to create a special TutorCruncher feature which makes giving back easier.

Our new Charitable Donation feature allows your clients to give back with each lesson.

How does the new feature work?

The Charitable Donation feature allows you to create unique AdHoc charges specifically for the purpose of giving back. This means your clients can choose to make a donation every time they have a lesson with your agency.

The TutorCruncher Team have worked hard to make sure the feature is super simple to set-up. Once the Charitable Donation AdHoc charge is created, making regular donations to charity seamlessly fits in with your business model.

The Charitable Donation set-up is super simple:

  1. Set up lessons with your client and agree on how much they want to give per hour of tuition.
  2. Apply a new AdHoc charge to the job with your client, and specify the amount donated per hour.
  3. Now, every time a client pays a bill the donation amount will be added to their invoice.
  4. You can keep track of charitable donations by viewing AdHoc Charges within your Analytics tab or by exporting your donation details.

You can find our step by step set-up guide here.

Please note: The Charitable Donation feature needs to be set-up by an administrator. Once the donation is created, clients do not have the ability to opt-out of the charge on their end. Therefore it is important to discuss any donations with clients ahead of time.

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How do I best utilise the Charitable Donation feature?

Research has shown that people are more likely to agree to donate to a charity by ‘rounding up' their payment, instead of choosing to than pay a fixed amount. This pattern is consistent even when the amount donated in the scenarios is almost identical.

It has been suggested that this is due to the consumer's ‘perception of pain' being far lower when donating by rounding up their total. Therefore adding a charitable donation to your lessons as a form of ‘rounding up' an existing charge, could lead to more donation success.

How can I encourage users to donate?

Aside from the round up strategy mentioned above there isn't a tried and tested method for successfully raising money for charity.

However, we here are a few tips we found helpful when asking for donations:

  1. Create regular donations. While it may seem more effective to ask for lump sum donations, it is often more effective to ask users for regular small donations. Again, the round up strategy above may be a good way of creating these regular small donations.
  2. Clarify what donations will achieve. Your clients will be more likely to agree to donations if they know how their money will be used. Make sure your clients know about what charity you are supporting and how their donation will help the cause.
  3. Set aims and goals. Consider setting a goal for how much money you want to raise or what the money you donate will achieve. By creating vivid goals client's will likely be more incentivised to help out.

Who should I donate to?

One of the best parts about our new feature is you can choose to donate to any charity of your choice! Since the AdHoc charge is created by you, you have all the control with who you want to donate you. Therefore you can choose any charity you are passionate about.

If you are planning to use this feature, consider donating to the Oppidan Foundation, a charity created by Oppidan Education, who have collaborated with us to make this new feature possible.

The Oppidan Foundation is aiming to tackle the current shortfalls of the UK education system, specifically focusing on children most at risk of exclusion from school. The foundation uses a peer-mentoring system to help create a stronger sense of community in schools across the UK.

The foundation is currently accepting donations to help roll out their mentoring program. You can learn more here!

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Here are a few other charities you could consider donating to:

  • The Access Project tackles education inequalities in the UK and helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds get into the UK's top universities.
  • Mind Out is a charity run by and for LGBTQAI+ people with experiences of mental health issues. They focus on improving the mental health of LGBTQAI+ people and making the issue a community concern.
  • SARI stands for ‘Stand Against Racism and Inequality'. This community based organisation provides help for victims of racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism.
  • Street Child is an educational charity who help provide education for children around the world. They currently operate in 16 countries including: Afghanistan, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

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