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Our Newest Feature!

In an exciting announcement that has left the tutoring industry buzzing, we here at TutorCruncher are proud to unveil a revolutionary new feature that is set to change the way tutors work forever.

In the next few days, TutorCruncher will be rolling out an update called "CalorieCruncher" that will sync with your smartwatch pedometer and track your daily step count, promoting physical activity and a healthier lifestyle among private tutors.

Caroline, ready for another run!

Tutor Feedback

In an exclusive interview with Caroline, a tutor who has been beta testing the new feature, we learned that CalorieCruncher is no joke. Caroline, who had been 400 pounds until just a month ago, has lost nearly 100 pounds since she started using the feature. "I can't believe how easy it was," she exclaimed. "All I had to do was walk around my apartment until I hit my step goal, and then the software finally let me send invoices again. It's amazing!"

“The best part is, it’s mandatory! So in order to use the software, I had no choice but to get healthier”, Caroline added.

Our newly updated TutorCruncher Dashboard!

The Vision behind CalorieCruncher

TutorCruncher’s MD was equally enthusiastic about the new feature. "We know that many private tutors lead sedentary lifestyles, and we wanted to do something to help them get up and move around," he explained. "With CalorieCruncher, you won't be able to get any work done until you've hit your daily step goal. And if you don't hit it, we'll send a stern warning to your phone and smartwatch that will make you feel guilty enough to get up and start walking."

CalorieCruncher works by syncing with your smartwatch pedometer and tracking your daily step count. Once you hit your step goal, you can access certain TutorCruncher functionalities, such as raising invoices, marking lessons as complete, and paying payment orders. But if you don't hit your step goal, you'll be locked out of these features until you've done enough walking to reach your target.

Some Constructive Criticisms

We are aware that perhaps not everyone is convinced that CalorieCruncher is a good idea. Some tutors have expressed concern that the feature could lead to a sense of resentment and frustration among those who struggle to meet their daily step goal. "I don't want to be forced to walk around when I'm in the middle of a tutoring session," said one anonymous tutor. "It's ridiculous."

CaloriesCruncher's new mobile interface

Despite these concerns, we’re certain that CalorieCruncher is set to be one of the biggest and most talked-about features of the year. So if you're a tutor looking to get in shape and improve your overall health, then CalorieCruncher might just be the tool you need.

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