Test Preparation Business Management Software

With TutorCruncher’s software, it’s easier than ever to help learners prepare for tests and assessments. What’s more, we’ve got several processes, which can support your businesses’ tutors. Want to learn more? Keep reading, so you can scale your company.

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Test Prep Business Management Software

Use Scheduling Software for Lesson Planning

When running an online tutoring business, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to choose how to pair tutors and learners. With our scheduling software, this is made simple, through our tutor-student matching system that’s based on location, skills or even custom categories.

Other features of this scheduling system include

  • Lesson planning and automatic reminders
  • Easy-to-use calendar with external integrations
  • Publicly bookable lessons and smart cancellation
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Track Revenue through Business Analytics

Another brilliant feature we have in place is our built-in business intelligence analytics, which help you track your revenue growth.

This can be done in multiple ways, including

  • By subject
  • By grade
  • By age
  • By client manager

Client Spend by Age

Income breakdown graph
0-10 years
11-18 years
19-40 years
41+ years

Through this, you can see which tutors, students, and online courses are performing as well as help you decide on which area needs development or focus. Moreover, you can see which customers are committed and which clients you need to manage better. Lastly, you can create marketing reports, detailed email campaigns, SMS marketing, and over 200 client interactions.

Improve the Learning Experience through our Integrated Tools

TutorCruncher has also gotten several capabilities to improve the education of your clients, through interactive tools, such as the online whiteboard and custom website integration for your test prep business.

This includes

  • User login
  • Client inquiry forms
  • Tutor recruitment
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Besides this, you can use TutorCruncher to schedule bookings through its integration with iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar! It’s also all made simpler, whether you want to have repeating lessons for a client in proximity to an exam or test or just to leave reminders for clients.

Provide Students with Lesson Notes and Test Questions with our CRM

Our comprehensive CRM system allows your customers to login to their own account, where they can view progress reports, save their card details, and export their calendar. That said, it can also be handy for you, as you can develop a client pipeline, access contact details, and relay mass communication, all from TutorCruncher’s software.


It’s also a helpful way to communicate with your tutors and their students, as you can share learning materials, receive client feedback, and collect useful information about what your customers want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of test prep?

The goal of test and assessment prep is to help students maximise their test scores and encourage growth in their learning.

How much does test prep help?

Test prep can massively help students to create a routine and go through concepts they’ve previously struggled with. Various studies have shown that tutoring and training can help learners boost their test scores.

How do I make test prep fun?

There are various ways you can make test preparation fun. This includes using our interactive tools, such as our online whiteboard. This allows both tutors and learners to work on a shared document at the same time.