How Do I Match My Students With My Tutors?

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One of the main administrative tasks that tuition business management software can help you with is the student/tutor matching service process. There are many different ways a private tutoring agency can match a private tutor and students.

In this article, I will discuss the three most common ways you can match your private tutoring service carefully with your students.

Private Tutor Applies For Jobs

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That's probably the most common way of doing tutor matching, especially for agencies using TutorCruncher. Clients get in touch with you with a request for tuition. They'll tell you what they need - and based on their requirements, you'll send a notification to your tutors a description of the Job.

Tutors can then view the Job, and if they think that they're the right candidate, they can send you an application. You can then accept the tutor whose experience best suits the student's needs and TMS terms - and at that point, they are matched.

TutorCruncher has all the functionalities you need to use this matching method.

In the video below, we explain how you can send out notifications to the tutors with the desired teaching skills - and how you can accept them for a Job in the TutorCruncher learning association.

Manual Student/Tutor Matching Service

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When you've just started up your service business, know all of your private tutors, or if you simply want to be very hands-on with the matching process, besides sending notifications to your tutors, you can also match them yourself.

I would highly recommend using TutorCruncher’s Tutor Filter if you're matching your tutors/students manually. With the filter, you can get a list of the tutors whose teaching skills, resources, taught subject courses, or location best match with the student in a few seconds.

Public Jobs


Another popular method is doing it the other way around:

Instead of clients sending you an inquiry and matching them with the tutors yourself, you can also let your tutors plan their lessons and courses and make them bookable for clients.

Not only will this method save you a lot of time, but it will also make it a lot easier to do group classes.

With TutorCruncher Socket, you can automatically show those bookable lessons on your website and allow your clients/students to book them in the tutor matching service.

Listing Tutors On Your Website

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The last - and, most likely, the least time-consuming - way is listing your tutors (with all of their skills and reviews) on your website. If you list your tutors on your website, college or university students can do the tutor/student matching process themselves with the listed tutoring resources containing more information.

However, it is of great importance that you advertise your tutors on your website correctly.

Click here to learn how to list your tutors on your website and what TutorCruncher does to protect the confidentiality of your clients and tutoring services.


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Matching university students with your tutors can be very time-consuming, and I wouldn't be writing this if TutorCruncher couldn't help you with this. There are multiple ways you can match your tutors with students from colleges, university, or different organizations.

The least time-consuming method would be listing your private tutors and tutoring services on your website. Another matching process is making lessons public and allowing clients to book the tutoring course services - choosing tutoring classes on-campus, in-person, or online.

You can also have it so that college students send you an inquiry, you create a job, and tutors apply for them.

Lastly, if you want to be really hands-on, you can match them manually using TutorCruncher’s filters, such as college reading and other tutoring services.

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