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Bright Young Things

"TutorCruncher is a superbly proficient business management tool that in essence streamlines day to day administration, accounting, invoicing and role assignment. It's design and usage are largely purposed for companies in the Education sector but it's most impressive facets are:

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Quintessentially Education

"Quintessentially Education has found TutorCruncher to be a highly effective system which has transformed the way we are able to manage both clients and tutors. By having all tutors’ and clients’ data in one place, it has enabled the business to run smoothly and grow. The lesson logging and reporting is highly efficient and allows us to keep an eye on our tutor placements without having to interfere, which is appreciated by both tutors and clients. The invoicing system is simple and works brilliantly, and the new Stripe integration is a fantastic addition which we are looking forward to setting up. The system is backed up by the wonderful TutorCruncher team who could not be more helpful."

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Bonas MacFarlane

"TutorCruncher has revolutionised the way Bonas MacFarlane interacts with both its clients and tutors. The software allows us to communicate with our audience is an incredibly effective and efficient manner. The invoicing procedure is outstanding and the report system allows us to keep a close eye on the tutees progress ensuring we keep up-to-date with every placement. Reliable and robust, TutorCruncher has proved faultless for us."

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Athena Tuition

"We at Athena Tuition found TutorCruncher just the nick of time. As a fast growing tutoring agency providing the best possible tutors across London and the United Kingdom, we quickly began to find ourselves deluged by paperwork, from invoices, to lesson logs, to payment orders, and much more. All of these we initially managed with separate systems- with growing difficulty. Finding TutorCruncher, we found a ready-made system built entirely for and centred around the needs of a tutoring agency - which managed all of these various systems in one single place.

Using it since then has been an absolute no-brainer, and at it's core, its basic function is time saving. As a business, why waste hours every week manually performing functions which are done automatically and better by TutorCruncher, for lower than it costs in human hours? TutorCruncher is like having a new person in the business. We haven't looked back!"

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The Profs

"The Profs began using TutorCruncher around 6 months after we began operations. Until then, all the information we had for tutors, students, jobs, and payments was recorded on a series of very confusing and disordered spreadsheets. Due to the amount of administrative time it took to keep these up-to-date, we were very limited on the number of students and tutors we could handle at anyone time. The move on TutorCruncher has lead to a great increase in the efficiency of the work we do, and has allowed us to expand rapidly into the tuition market.

The integrated payments, smooth operating system, and user-friendly design, have given us a hugely scalable product, and the amount of time we have saved has allowed us to focus on growing our business into new and exciting areas! It is safe to say that we would not be where we are today without the support of TutorCruncher."

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Gabbitas Education

"Gabbitas implemented TutorCruncher in December 2015. Since doing so, the system has really helped speed up our processes, by significantly decreasing our amount of administration and paperwork. The system permits us to manage each tutoring assignment effectively, allowing us to dedicate more time to our tutors and clients and provide them with the high class service they deserve! We have received excellent support from the TutorCruncher team and they have been on hand to answer any questions or queries we have incurred along the way."

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Services Tutorat

"For the past years, like many tutoring agencies, we have been using the good old excel sheet to manage our tutors and their students. We were combining it with a merchant account to manually charge clients by credit card. But it got to a point where it was way too time consuming. And honestly, with hundreds of excel lines of data to enter each month, it didn’t take long before some mistakes were made. So we finally decided to go with a tutoring agency CRM to make our life easier. We spent many weeks trying and testing different ones, and we finally chose TutorCruncher, for one simple reason: it is the most complete tutoring agency CRM out there. Other than permitting us to manage our students and tutors efficiently, we are able to send them beautiful broadcast communications, send new job notifications to tutors, have them create a report for each lesson and generate beautiful invoices and payment orders. On top of that, unlike most of the other products available, there are a ton of metrics available (activity, income, lesson hours) and the the CRM is multi-language. If you are a tutoring agency looking for one unique CRM to manage everything efficiently, we highly recommend! P.S. The technical support is wonderful."

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