Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

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This month’s case study is presented by Sunny Jain, the CEO of A&J Education. Every now and then, we join forces with our customers and rewind to how they started their business, when did TutorCruncher come into play and what was their experience along the way. Our prime goal with our software solution is to help businesses thrive and succeed, making their day-to-day administrative tasks easier, and offering them time to focus on their business growth. We’ve been working with A&J Education for a few years now and here’s what they have to say.

Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

Tell us a quick overview of the company and what you offer.

We help parents to (legally) get their children into top UK and US universities. Parents typically approach us when they have aspirations for their children to attend top 25 universities in the UK and in the US.

We typically work with the student from when they are 15yo and mentor them long-term to make them a competitive candidate in the admissions process.

How did you get started?

We started by helping just one student in 2012. Word of mouth picked us up from then onwards.

Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

What was your growth been like since?

We turned over $0.8M last year and are on track to hit $1.5M this year. We have three different packages at different price points and we currently have a waitlist of about 6 weeks. We want to make sure that we grow in a controlled way that does not jeopardise the quality of our work hence we limit the number of students we accept.

The Challenge

What was going on at the company that led you to seek a solution like that provided by TutorCruncher?

We never intended to provide tutoring to our students. Our job is to mentor them, build up their CV, and help them prepare for university interviews. However, it quickly became apparent that many students needed extra support. So we started offering tutoring too.

As we grew, keeping a clear record of the hours, payments, and lessons became an administrative nightmare. Enter TutorCruncher.

How serious was the problem? What were you hoping to achieve by taking on new software?

The issue became really bad because we would spend at least an hour per day managing tutoring admin. Having done some research online and having spoken to colleagues in the industry, we decided to give TutorCruncher a go. Our hope was that it will help us streamline the process, help us integrate card payments, and will save us time spent on admin.

Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

What solutions were tried before engaging with TutorCruncher? Why did you choose to work with TC in the end over other options?

Our previous solution was a Google spreadsheet with manual entries. We then did a lot of research and spoken to a number of tutoring companies. All of our most respected competitors told us to use TutorCruncher and we decided to give it a go.

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The Solution

Describe how you implement the TC solution within your business.

Every lesson that we do is now recorded in TutorCruncher. We trained up 2 colleagues on it and with Fionn’s (a TutorCruncher employee) help, we were up and running within a day.

Were there any challenges during the transition?

It took about a week to fully get used to the software. But it’s quite intuitive so this really was not an issue.

When did you first notice results? What were they?

The biggest positive result for us was an instant 60% saving on admin spent on tutoring. And as we grow the business, we are able to increase the tutoring hours delivered without increasing the admin burden on us. TutorCruncher is a life-saver.

Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

The Results

How did TC change your business?

It saved us lots of time. It allowed us to have a clear, undisputed record for the parents. It allowed us to scale the business more aggressively.

What has it meant for your overall operations?

Less time wasted on admin, more time focussed on the quality of our core product.

Do you have any data you can share?

60% reduction in time spent on admin directly as a result of us switching to TutorCruncher. 

What advice would you have for others considering our service?

Give it a go. TutorCruncher will quickly become indispensable. It is so important to us (and I should not be saying this!) that if TutorCruncher doubles their prices tomorrow, we will not think twice about it. It is the key piece of software we use in our business.

TC support team are great and are always on hand to help whenever we get stuck. The platform is intuitive and is built by people who understand tutoring businesses. I can only say good things about it.

Case Study: The Growth of A&J Education

Wrap Up

We love seeing our clients continuously grow and succeed, and we’re happy we can be a part of their journey. As tutoring is in demand more and more, businesses encounter periods of rapid growth that require automated systems in place to keep functioning and persevere. You have the need, we have the solution. If you think you’d make a great case study on our blog, give us a shout.

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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