Introducing TutorCruncher Socket

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TutorCruncher Socket is live! With TutorCruncher you can now make your company's website stand out from the crowd. It is simple, powerful, and free to all TutorCruncher users. Socket can move your tutoring business online by displaying your tutors on your website and letting clients browse them and get in touch with you.

Want to start right away? Have a look at our setup guide.

Introducing TutorCruncher Socket

Plug your tutors into your website

With Socket, you can seamlessly list a selection of tutor profiles from your TutorCruncher database on your website, allowing you to introduce your tutors and their skills to your potential clients. Your clients will feel confident in your tutors and your company before the first lesson. We have created to show you just how powerful and impressive Socket is.

List your tutors on your website.

Here is an example of what your tutor profiles could look like on your website. The information that can be displayed on your website can go beyond names, profile pictures, subjects the tutors teach, and their qualification levels. As always with TutorCruncher’s awesome level of customisation, Socket can include any fields you want.

Bring your tutors to your clients

Clients can request tutors on your website.

Your clients can browse your tutors and request them for lessons. A new Prospect Client will automatically be created in the system with the details they entered in the contact form, keep all of your important information in one place. You can even have a new job automatically created with the tutor as an applicant.

Introducing TutorCruncher Socket

Your company's administrators will automatically receive an email notifying them of the request through your website, allowing you to get in touch with the client as soon as they have shown interest in your services.

Introducing TutorCruncher Socket

Attracting new clients and encouraging them to book lessons with your company becomes easier by allowing them to get to know your tutors and their skills. Your clients best know their own needs, so when they can select a tutor themselves, tutor-student matching becomes much more efficient. In addition, Socket saves you valuable time by automatically creating profiles and jobs within TutorCruncher.

Improve your SEO

In addition to all the time you can save by listing your tutors on your website and having potential clients automatically created in your system, integrating Socket will also improve search engine results for your company. The more traffic you can generate and the more content you put on your website, the higher up in Google search results your company will appear. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for growing your business. Find out more about online marketing and SEO for your tutoring company on TutorCruncher’s latest blog post.

Turn your leads into prospects

Encourage potential clients to get in contact by embedding an enquiry form on your website. Socket makes it incredibly easy for you to do precisely that. You could either display the form directly on your site, or have it appear as a popover version. The form can be customised to include any extra fields that you wanted to capture information from your clients who get in touch.

Embed an enquiry form to encourage clients to contact you.

“But my Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix/website site already does this!”

It's easy enough with a standard website to list a few tutor profiles and include an enquiry form, but Socket is much more powerful than that:

  • Enquiries in Socket automatically create client profiles in TutorCruncher and email all relevant admins.

  • Client enquiries submit Google Analytics events allowing you to connect them directly to your Google Adwords account.

  • The enquiry form is configurable from within TutorCruncher, no coding required.

  • The enquiry form uses Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam. Try integrating that with Wordpress!

  • Socket uses pushState to change the browser's URL as tutor profiles are opened; meaning the best user experience and best SEO results.

Lots more to come

No promises but we have big plans for Socket:

  • Subject and qualification level filtering of tutors. We're already working on this, so I guess we can promise it.

  • Location based matching: so clients enter their address and are shown tutors nearby. Again, this is already scheduled and should be coming pretty soon. On that note, we could also show your tutors on a map.

  • Intelligent tutor ranking: by varying the order in which tutors are listed, then recording the rate at which they're opened socket could learn which tutor profiles are most attractive to clients and show those profiles more often.

  • Instance purchases: Socket should in time be able to allow clients to purchase “packages” of lessons directly from your website.

Open Source

We've made both Socket Server and Socket Frontend open source, so you can view the code to see exactly how Socket ticks. You can even fork the repo and play around with your own variations on Socket, or create changes for us to review and possibly integrate.

See it in action

You can see TutorCruncher Socket already in action on our own example website,

Get Started

It could not be easier to get started with TutorCruncher socket: read our guide on setup.

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