Multi-language, time zone and currency support

Internationally supported online payments

We have integrated the card payment services Stripe and GoCardless into our system to help you take payment as quickly and easily as possible. Check out if Stripe or GoCardless are already available in your country. [Get more information on online payment(/getting-paid/online-payments/).

Select any currency

TutorCruncher allows you to change currency settings as well as tax amounts and how you charge VAT, so that your software is customised exactly the way you need it to be.

Customise your time zone and date format

You can select any time zone for your system. In addition, TutorCruncher allows you to set individual time zones for each user, so different users can have different time zones. You can also customise the way date and time are displayed.

Multi-language support

Your language is set by your browser’s language, so there's no need to change any computer or TutorCruncher settings. We have users over the world translating TutorCrucher into their own languages, so get in touch today if you would like to contribute.

Help us make TutorCruncher multilingual

We use Localise to allow people to translate TutorCruncher. Find out how you can help us increase TutorCruncher’s international usability by emailing