Important Online Whiteboard Update

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An Update about TutorCruncher’s Online Whiteboard

For the past few years TutorCruncher has been integrated with BitPaper, a brilliant Online Whiteboard which allowed many of our tutors and students to connect regardless of their location. As many of you may be aware, BitPaper recently made the decision to begin charging for their service. If you want to find out more about BitPaper's decision you can read their LinkedIn post about the situation here.

We know that for many of our users BitPaper is a crucial part of running their business. This is why our team has been working hard to make sure that we can provide our users with a number of different solutions for running their tutoring sessions online.

Below, you can find a couple of changes we are making to the system to in order to sure everyone is able to access the online tuition tools they need!

Default Integration with BitPaper:

At this time the TutorCruncher team has made the decision to continue to work with BitPaper as our default whiteboard integration. Therefore if you are a user already using BitPaper, and have subscribed to their service, these changes will not affect you! You will be able to continue accessing BitPaper using the left hand menu within TutorCruncher, as well as through the online whiteboard link within each lesson.

BitPaper payments will not be made through TutorCruncher. If you want to set up a subscription with their service, you will need to do this through their website directly which you can find here:

If you have any more questions about BitPaper and their pricing please get in touch with their team directly!

Easier Integration with Other Software:

For those of our customers choosing not to use BitPaper, we are creating an easier solution for integrating with other online whiteboards. We want to give our users the option to easily add the whiteboard integration of your choice.

If you are wondering about what options you should consider, look no further, we have a few recommendations! A number of our users have found that GroupBoard and The Lesson Space both integrate smoothly with TutorCruncher. ( You can also use the code TutorCruncher to get a 50% discount on your Lesson Space subscription! 😄)

For those who want even more options, we have a great list of some other whiteboard options which you can find here.

Job-by-Job Customisation:

We are aware that for a lot of our clients, whiteboard usage can vary on a tutor by tutor basis. This is why we will be making it easier for our users to select their preferred online whiteboard on a job-by-job basis.

This means every tutor will be able to use the tools they prefer!

Video Chat:

We have also taken into consideration that some tutors just want to connect with their tutors over video chat. This is why we will also be integrating with a video chat service called This will allow your tutors and students to connect through a video chat right from TutorCruncher, if they prefer using this instead of an online whiteboard!

Feel free to get in touch!

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with our support team either through or chat support, or by emailing

Important Online Whiteboard Update

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