Introducing TutorCruncher Video

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One of the latest additions to the TutorCruncher system is the introduction of our own TutorCruncher Video Call service. This addition to the software means you can now teach online classes directly through the TutorCruncher System.

Like with all other whiteboard and video call integrations you can find TutorCruncher video within the Online Integrations section of setting. If you want to learn a bit more about this new integration, here are just a few key features, we think make TutorCruncher video great!

Unique Video Calls for Each Lesson

TutorCruncher Video allows you to host dozens of different meeting between different students and tutors at the same time. Like all of our other whiteboard integration, this video chat service provides you with a unique video call URL which a tutor can use to easily share with their student. This URL can also be copied and shared with anyone you want to be added to your call.

Once you have added the TutorCruncher video integration to your account, you can easily start a new call by clicking the new integration in the left hand side menu. You can also create a unique video call URL for each lesson you schedule. Click here to find out how.

Introducing TutorCruncher Video

Crystal Clear Video

Our video chat service is specially designed to work well with real life world internet. Through the use of smart bandwidth management technology, TutorCruncher Video assures you have the best call quality possible at all times.

Screen share and Chat

Aside from video calling capabilities, TutorCruncher video provides a number of other great tools to help facilitate teaching online. The screen share feature can allow tutors to share slideshows, documents and diagrams in real time. Tutors can annotate and interact with these to highlight key points and keep students engaged.

The video chat service also comes with a chat box, which tutors can use to reiterate key points. This chat can also be used by the student to make notes and send answers. This chat is also a great place to share links for extra resources or documents to collaborate on.

Introducing TutorCruncher Video

If you want to learn more about how to teach students online, click here!

Stay in Control

TutorCruncher Video allows you to stay in control of your calls. The integration can be added to your TutorCruncher with one-click. Unlike other video call services, this integration requires no downloads.

Our video call integration also allows you to monitor your internet speed, and your upload/download speed. This means if you are having trouble with connection or lagging video it is easy to identify what is causing the issue. You can also find a number of other troubleshooting steps within our user guide. This means if you ever experience any technical problems it should be easy to identify and fix them.

If you want to learn more about the online teaching tools available to TutorCruncher users, click here!

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