Star Rating remains the most important part of a Review

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If you are running a company, you surely know all about how critical online reviews can be._ A lot of people check the ratings on favorite sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google before going to a restaurant, staying at a hotel or visiting a shop. At a time when consumers can write Google reviews on pretty much anything, they buy to inform another potential consumer — questions on the business impact of reviews and ratings have become more relevant over the years. A couple of reviews, good or bad, can seemingly make or break a business. In our previous blog post called Online reviews and why they matter we have already talked about the importance of online reviews and would now like to take a closer look at the principle of a star rating.

Stars are almost universally understood for ranking

In fact, star ranking was first used to classify hotels according to their quality. The reason for this was to inform potential guests on facilities and service that they could expect. A 3-star hotel will have a restaurant, gym facilities, a spacious lobby, and a conference room. But a 4-star hotel will have a bar, multiple swimming pools, lounge, spas, gym, fitness centre, concierge service, extensive business facilities, various restaurants and valet parking. You may be surprised to learn that hotel classification is only obligatory in two of the top five major tourist destinations in the world. In France, U.S., Germany, and U. K., classification is entirely voluntary. Contrariwise, in Italy and Spain, the regulation of hotel classification is the responsibility of regional governments, who assign a ranking based on a series of minimum requirements. However, people want and need guidance to make decisions, especially when they have to invest a lot of money in something.

Research shows that 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read an online review, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This result is outstanding and shows that online reviews matter and that's why business owner needs to create a process that encourages customers to leave reviews.

According to the research star rating remains the most important part of a review, within 54% stating this as a key consideration.

Judging local business on reviews

39 percent of the consumers say that a business needs a rating of 3 out of 5 stars before they will use them and 9 percent of consumers won't use a business with an average star rating of less than 5 out of 5.

Minimus star rating

Improving the customer experience should be the primary reason you gather customer feedback. The process of winning new clients and retaining existing customers is getting harder and harder. Offering a fantastic experience that keeps your customers coming back and referring it to other people is the best way you can stand out from your competition. If you can create an experience that is better than your competitors, your customers will remain loyal and ignore other offers. Star ratings do all of this in a very short amount of time.

Understanding online star ratings

In 2009 YouTube ditched its standard 1-to-5-star rating system for a thumbs-down or thumbs-up rating system. YouTube noticed that their users only rated videos they liked, with a smaller portion rating videos they disliked. Thus, the users rarely gave videos 2-, 3-, or 4-stars. For YouTube, it was pretty evident that they had to change their rating system. For some companies, a star rating system makes sense, especially when the consumer needs more information about the product. Yelp and Amazon have a star rating system which for some people are very important and a helpful guideline to make a proper decision.

You Tube rate system

If a product on Amazon showing up as 4 or 5-star, it's going to get more interest than products with no star at all. And people are going to have a good impression from the product even before they saw it in real life. Also, people are in general more likely to click on products that have a high amount of reviews. In fact, a product gets enormous credibility if it has a lot of reviews and a 5-star rating. In a marketplace full of competition, the score a seller receives plays a significant role in determining how well he does against the competitors. Thus, every high rating puts your product a step further ahead of the competition.

Get star ratings for your tutors to create an average rating on their profile

On TutorCruncher our customer have the option to request their clients to fill in a review for your tutors and keep their feedback on record on the tutor's profile. The clients can rate the tutor from 1 to 5 stars and additionally write a summary. This new feature gives companies a very effective way take track of the performance of their tutors and their client's satisfaction levels. The best and direct feedback that you can get is from your clients' perspectives.

Request reviews for your tutors written by your clients

This feedback will be then stored in your database so that you can look at how well received the tutoring was with your client. As time goes on. your tutors will get multiple reviews, which will count together and appear on the tutors profile as an average rating. TutorCruncher lets you send out these review requests automatically to allow your clients to give their feedback without you needing to manually request it. This is all valuable internal information but can also be used with TutorCruncher’s website integration to display this information online and help sell your company's tutoring.

When it comes to reviewing is safe to say, that not only the quality matters also the quantity of the online review is essential. The best case scenario is you manage to get a lot of honest and constructive feedback in order to boost your business's reputation. With the integrated star rating on TutorCruncher, we try to make it easy for your clients to do a review. Besides, it's possible to write a more detailed review. It is crucial to encourage your customers to write reviews about your performance since it is a great way to gain perspective customers' trust and get them to try your service.

Of course, be sure to regularly read the reviews and respond promptly to any that are critical. Satisfied clients are the most valuable good for a service company as you probably already know.





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