Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

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For anyone looking to tutor online, one of the key tools you might utilize is an online whiteboard. However, if you search for an online whiteboard it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the 100s of options out there.

That is where this blog article comes in. Below you can find a rundown of some whiteboards that we think might be useful for you.

5. Aww Whiteboard

For those looking for an online whiteboard which is free, accessible and easy to use, AWW is a good option. The software does not come with its own video chat but can be easily integrated with Zoom.

AWW provide many of the basic feature you would expect from any whiteboard such as:

  • Drawing and annotation capabilities

  • Ability to add typed text, and shapes

  • Upload options for Images, PDFs, and PowerPoints.

  • Easy to access with great sharing capabilities

  • Export whiteboard function

While the features offered by AWW are pretty standard this whiteboard is a great tool due to its ease of use. As soon as you access their board you instantly feel like the tools are familiar, and there is very little to be confused with or distracted by.

AWW also comes with a large amount of documentation, meaning if you have any questions chances are you will find the information in minutes. This also includes a number of very useful videos, such as their product introduction which you can view here.

Things to keep in mind:

  • With the free version whiteboards cannot be saved for later, and the whiteboard does timeout after two hours.

  • The export function is available for free users but it does include the AWW whiteboard watermark.

Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

4. Miro

For those looking for a slightly different whiteboard option, Miro is a great choice. The platform, primarily made for those working remotely, offers a huge number of tools, templates and tips which can be used to create dynamic and exciting lessons.

Miro offers many tools which are available on any online whiteboard. With the free version of the software you can utilize the following tools:

  • Easy to use annotation and drawing

  • Ability to add texts, arrows and shapes

  • Easy interface for leaving feedback and comments

  • Easy sharing options for collaboration

  • Export features

  • Screen sharing and text chat

On top of the basic features Miro also comes with a plethora of unique features which tutors can utilize during their lessons. The premium version of Miro allows your students to vote on things, which could be used to test students' knowledge. Furthermore, the software comes with dynamic presentation capabilities, and can be integrated with a huge number of apps such as google image search and icon finder, which can help you create unique and eye catching presentations.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is a paywall for certain features within Miro such as the video chat, timers, and voting.

  • While quite intuitive, Miro does have a huge number of capabilities, so chances are it will take a bit of time to learn to use it.

Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

3. BitPaper

If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use, intuitive, and affordable tool BitPaper is a great choice. The whiteboard boasts a simple and effective user interface, allowing you to spend more time tutoring and less time on distractions. BitPaper like all the other whiteboards provides you with the basic features you can use for tutoring online, such as:

  • Annotation, and smooth drawing

  • Text editor

  • Video, voice calls and chat

  • Ability to add shapes, drawing and images

  • Exporting whiteboard

While a simple software on the surface, BitPaper offers a large variety of little tricks which can make your online tutoring experience much easier. For example BitPaper offers a great tagging system which allows you to label whiteboard sessions with key words, so they are easy to find. You can also add special symbols so this is a great tool for teaching maths.

Things to keep in mind:

  • BitPaper does suggest on their website that getting a digital pen is a good idea.

  • Their standard pricing is on a user by user basis so you are a company looking to get a whiteboard for all your tutors you will need to get in touch about business pricing.

Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

2. Lessonspace

Lessonspace is a great option for people looking for an all-inclusive functional whiteboard. This tool offers a wide range of tools which can come in handy for anyone tutoring a large variety of subjects. This whiteboard comes with all of the standard features you would need, including:

  • Video, voice call and chat functions

  • Screen share capabilities

  • Annotation and drawing

  • Importing function

  • Shareable unique lesson URL

  • ZIP export

Aside from the traditional functionality Lessonspace offers users a number of features catered towards specific types of teaching. They have created an easy to use equation tool for anyone teaching maths, an in-app word editor for helping with essays and gives tutors great options to use visuals to engage language learners. The whiteboard also comes with advanced troubleshooting capabilities, meaning technical difficulties are easy to handle.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The Lesson Space is definitely a more premium product, with the recommended package for a full time tutor starting at $99/month.

  • The software does come with a large number of capabilities so it might take a bit of time to get to know the software.

  • There is no free version available.

Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

1. Bramble

For anyone looking for a premium whiteboard, Bramble is a great option. The tool, which is free during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers users a wide range of tools and options. Bramble is kitted out with all the standard whiteboard tools you would expect, such as:

  • Realtime annotation and sketching

  • Resource sharing of images and PDFs

  • Live video and voice chat

  • Screen and session recording

  • PDF Exports

  • Easy URL access

However, on top of the basic whiteboard features Bramble have been working hard to create unique tools to help tutors in managing their material. The whiteboard offers its own reporting tools, allowing tutors to track teaching time and other important figures. They also use artificial intelligence to automatically caption videos, and create transcriptions. This way your students can easily look through old recordings and find the areas they want to look through.

Things to keep in mind:

  • While Bramble is a free service now they do plan to reintroduce pricing at some point in the future.
Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Tutoring: From Free to Premium

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