Tutor The Nation - University students and private tutors help underprivileged kids beat Covid learning loss

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What is Tutor the Nation?

Tutor The Nation is a new educational charity that provides disadvantaged children with free online tuition from university students, graduates and private tutors. Tuition is currently focused on pupils in the state sector preparing for GCSE and A Level exams.

The program aims to inspire children from underprivileged backgrounds by providing high quality tutoring. These sessions are designed to help students gain confidence and tools to help them perform better both academically and in their daily lives.

“Tutor The Nation hopes to elicit the wartime spirit to empower volunteers to address the learning loss caused by Covid; with a vision to propel this movement far into the future in order to have a widespread impact on attainment and social mobility for generations to come.”

Following collaboration with a number of Oxford colleges and their undergraduates, a successful pilot scheme has been launched with Bolton City Council, targeting pupils in State schools in the Bolton District. As the pilot builds, the charity now welcomes volunteer tutors from universities all over the world.

Tutor the Nation has their sights set on a nationwide launch in January of 2021.

How does Tutor The Nation work?

Tutor the Nation is based on a simple but effective business model. We've created a simple infographic to show you exactly how:

Infographic showing the 3 steps involved in recruiting tutors for Tutor The Nation (see Image to Text for Transcript)

What do the Tutors do?

Volunteers working with Tutor The Nation provide one of two hours of tuition a week, free of charge. Tutor The Nation provides them with a DBS check, full safeguarding training and basics tutor training. These tutors are then connected with students looking for extra help, through the school's Local Education Authority. Tutor-student matches base based on a tutor's skillset and the school's needs.

What are the benefits for tutors?

The main benefit of volunteering is being able to help a child from a disadvantaged background reach his or her full potential in life. The training and support given to volunteers should also help them secure paid tutoring. For many students leaving university paid tutoring work can be a life line while they embark on the search for their first job or engage in further postgraduate study and freelance work.

Volunteers also learn to build multi-faceted communication and organisational skills which can be relevant to all forms of graduate employment. Tutor the Nation, with its training and support resources should be one of the most accredited volunteering tutoring programmes.

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How can you get involved?

Tutor The Nation wants to work with as many volunteers as possible. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, active or retired teachers or private tutors looking to help out an important cause please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tutor The Nation is looking for a minimum commitment of one academic term, but expects most tutors to volunteer through at least one full academic year.

If you want to volunteer please contact

Any local education authorities or schools who want to get involved in the program should contact

Use can also learn more about Tutor The Nation by visiting their website.

Spread the Word!

If you aren't personally eligible to volunteer or just don't have time to help out, not to worry! You can also help out by spreading the word about Tutor The Nation.

Here are a prewritten post and pictures you can share on social media:

Join us in giving back! We are supporting Tutor The Nation, a charity aimed to tackle the learning loss experienced by many UK students.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate looking to get involved with a good cause, you can volunteer to offer 1 or 2 hours of tutoring per week. This opportunity will not only help many children from disadvantaged background across the UK, but could also be a great opportunity for you to secure paid tutoring work in the future.

To get involved visit or email



Instagram post describing how Tutor the Nation works

Shorter post:

Join us in giving back! We are supporting Tutor The Nation, a charity tackling learning loss caused by school closures. Volunteer to tutor for just two hours a week and help underprivileged children around the UK.

To find out more visit:


Image to Text Transcript:

Tutor The Nation provides completely free tutoring to children in state schools.

In just 3 simple steps the program connects university students with children to be an inspiration in all areas of their education!

  1. Signing up

Tutors and students sign up through their school or university. Following mandatory background checks and training, tutors are paired with their first student.

  1. Tutoring

Tutors provide regular one-on-one lessons to students. To ensure maximum success, sessions are expertly planned by tutors from four of the UK's leading tutoring agencies!

  1. Monitoring

Each student's progress is closely monitored and reported on. This ensures a productive and mutually beneficial relationship between each tutor and student.

Find out more at:

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