TutorCruncher App Survey - We need your help!

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Updated  Tom Hamilton Stubber

We are excited to begin a new chapter at TutorCruncher! As we mentioned in our previous blog post we want to make 2021 our year. That is why we are happy to reveal one of the biggest projects of the year: creating a TutorCruncher app.

The app, which our developers plan to launch later this year, focuses specifically on helping tutors. The app will allow tutors to complete most of their daily admin tasks faster. These will likely include:

- Editing jobs

- Marking lessons complete

- Taking part in online lessons

- Creating lesson reports

- Taking faster payment

In order to make this app as useful as possible we need your help!

While we are able to get some data through the back end of the system about tutor behaviour, we want to reach out directly. That is why we have created a Tutor Survey. The fully anonymised form, which will only take you a few minutes, will give us lots of valuable data and help shape the TutorCruncher Tutor App.

If you are a tutor and would like to fill out the form you can do so here.

Want to learn more about the TutorCruncher app? Listen to our episode of the Qualified Tutor Podcast.

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