TutorCruncher’s New Zoom Integration

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We have exciting news: Zoom has arrived on TutorCruncher!

Our developers have been building the necessary upgrades to allow tutors to provide online lessons using the Zoom platform. We know there have been lots of demands for this integration, therefore this update makes us even happier!

Please note, our Zoom integration will work slightly differently from our other online whiteboard platforms. Therefore, we advise that you read this article, just so we can clear it all up!

Who can add Zoom to their TutorCruncher account?

This is the most important difference between our other whiteboard integrations and Zoom: only Tutors can add Zoom to their TutorCruncher account. Unlike with other integrations, admins cannot provide a premium Zoom account to all their students.

The integration was set up this way due to the nature of Zoom's pricing. Based on Zoom's subscription structure, each premium account only comes with a single Zoom room license.

Here is a bit more explanation about why this is an issue: Based on the one-room per license policy if admins were to provide tutors with individual Zoom rooms, any lessons which occur at the same time would need to be hosted separately through an additional Zoom license. So for example, if a tuition company had 7 lessons at the same time, they would need to pay for 7 different Zoom licenses.

By allowing each Tutor to set up their own account through the tutor login, confusion about Zoom room licenses can be avoided.

How do Tutors add their Zoom account to their TutorCruncher system?

Tutors can add Zoom to TutorCuncher via their login, by doing the following

  1. Log into your tutor account.
  2. Select the ‘Add Zoom for Free' menu item in the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click ‘Add Integration'.
  4. You will then be able to log into your Zoom account and link it with TutorCruncher.

For a more in-depth step-by-step, you can view our help docs here.

Zoom integration set-up screen.

Where can Tutors access their Zoom account?

Once tutors have set up their Zoom integration, they will be able to access it any from the left-hand menu or from within each scheduled lesson.

What if a tutor teaches at mutliple agencies?

Don't worry, we've thought about this scenario. Since we are aware that lots of tutors using our system are working for multiple tutoring agencies, your Zoom integration will be added to all of your accounts. This means once you have Zoom set up with one account, all other agencies connected to your TutorCruncher login will also have Zoom.

Who can access the Zoom meeting?

Like with any other Zoom meeting, anyone with the link to the room will be able to get access to the waiting room for a lesson. Once the Tutor enters the Zoom meeting, users will automatically be allowed into the room.

As with other online whiteboard integration sessions, students and clients can access lessons hosted on Zoom through their calendar or via their lesson reminder email.

Spread the Word!

We know lots of TutorCruncher Tutors have been waiting for Zoom to arrive which means it's time to spread the word! Everything on our end is now set up so our team is just waiting for Zoom to approve our integration, which will take 7 business days at most. This means all tutors will be able to start using Zoom to teach students from next week!

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! If you have any more suggestions for what we should upgrade within TutorCruncher next, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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