An Interview with Jenny Pownall (The Tutoring Company)

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An Interview with Jenny Pownall (The Tutoring Company)


Last week the TutorCruncher team had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny Pownall, the owner of The Tutoring Company (TTC). Jenny and her company have been using our platform since 2018. Earlier this week The Tutoring Company were given the ‘Top 50 Organisations in Education' award in Dubai at the annual Global Forum for Education and Learning. We were eager to ask Jenny some questions about her business, the award, and her experience of using TutorCruncher.

The Interview

Jenny, tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from? How did you enter the tutoring market?

Of course, I'd be happy to! I have taught for over 35 years across all year levels and in private, Catholic and public schools. I am passionate about education and decided to make a change and contribute to the tutoring industry. I wanted to provide a personalised service that was catered to the needs of the individual student. In addition, I wanted to ensure that my tutors are of the highest quality and regularly conduct training for tutors in the area of teaching strategies. This approach has seen The Tutoring Company grow to be one of the most preferred providers of private tutoring across Australia.

Tell us a bit about your business, The Tutoring Company! When did you start the business? What is a day like at the office?

I founded The Tutoring Company in 2016. Whilst I knew about education, I knew nothing about running a business! In many ways this has been a good thing as it has meant that I have had to be open to all possibilities and advice, I like to think this is what led me to TutorCruncher!

A typical day is spent talking to tutors and clients. Understanding a child's academic needs and finding the right tutor can often be confusing, and frustrating for parents. So it is very reassuring for them to speak with someone who understands and can guide them in the right direction. I also spend time speaking to tutors and providing guidance on teaching strategies. Lastly, I spend a lot of time on TutorCruncher booking lessons and managing the administrative tasks.

An Interview with Jenny Pownall (The Tutoring Company)

How did you find TutorCruncher?

I had been looking for something like TutorCruncher for some time and was using another system that was the best I could find to match my needs but was limited in its use and was expensive. I found TutorCruncher when I was organising my online tutoring platform and was immediately impressed and very relieved with its range of functions and ease of use.

How has TutorCruncher made your day to day life simpler? What are your favourite features?

TutorCruncher has automated many of our day-to-day admin tasks This means that I now spend minimal time on these and a lot more time improving my business as well as working with tutors and clients.

My favourite feature would be the automated invoicing and payments. Clients are frequently impressed with the “set and forget” nature of making payments, as well as the convenience of having all their details, and calendar in a single login.

Tell us a bit about the Education Award you have received! What was the process of winning it like? What does winning it mean for you and The Tutoring Company?

The award is the category of “Top 50 Organisations in Education.” This is based not on company size or revenue, but on the client experience, range of services offered, uniqueness of the services and readiness for the future. Winning this award is an amazing feeling after 4 years of hard work. It is quite incredible to meet educators from around the world and to also present to them as a discussion panel member.

Any plans for the new year? What does the future hold for you and The Tutoring Company?

2020 will see a focus on further developing the online tutoring service as this is an area of enormous growth and international demand. Thanks to TutorCruncher I am also able to deliver online lessons seamlessly through its platform.

We offer our congratulations to Jenny and her team, and look forward to continuing to work together in the future!

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