A Presentation on how to Grow a Successful Tutoring Business (Video)

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Our Commercial Director, Fionn Finegan talks about how you can make your tutoring business work in an increasingly remote and digital world. Fionn has years of experience working closely with some of the biggest tutoring agencies in the UK and across the world, meaning he knows the business inside out. He shares personal insight and actionable tips on all things tutoring business from hiring to daily employee motivation!

TutorCruncher and The Love Tutoring Festival

Last week our team had the opportunity to join Qualified Tutor's Love Tutoring Festival, a new event created to celebrate all things tutoring! During 2020 and 2021 tutoring has become more important than ever. In the UK, students have relied on tutors to aid them through lockdowns and join them in schools through the National Tutoring Programme.

At TutorCruncher we work hard to support tutoring agencies with management solutions and we always love to see our clients and tutors thrive. For us, more tutoring around the world is always a reason to celebrate! That is why our Commercial Director, Fionn, was keen to get involved in the festival's events, giving insight into running a remote tutoring business and bringing a unique point of view in an International Tutoring Roundtable.

You can learn a little more about each of these speeches below!

Keynote: How to Build a Tutoring Business in an Increasingly Remote and Digital World?

Fionn's keynote explores the ways in which existing and future tutor agency owners might be affected by the shift to a more remote and digital world. In the speech, he gives you a look into trends he has identified among the tutoring companies which he has seen become successful, and the companies that he has seen get the most out of a Tutor Management System.

The talk also covers some of the most crucial Dos and Don'ts of running a remote business. Taking you through all aspects of running a remote business from the delicacies of the hiring process to tips on aiding collaboration, Fionn's insight will give you actionable tips to implement in your own day-to-day operations! The keynote also gives you insight into how technology can aid your business growth and help our your employees.

Roundtable discussion: What does tutoring look like internationally?

In another event organised by the Love Tutoring Festival, the roundtable discussion, a number of industry experts from around the world discuss their personal experiences with remote tutoring. The talk involves a number of unique viewpoints and explores the benefits and drawbacks of online tutoring.

Furthermore, the international panel discusses unique challenges each of them experience running their own tutoring operation in countries such as the UK, South Africa, Canada and more! This roundtable is a must watch for anyone looking to expand their business around the world or wanting a greater understanding of international tutoring.

Watch the round table discussion here! (Use passcode: t!xZ7@ed)

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