The Best Social Media Strategy for Tutoring Businesses

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We have already addressed the SEO to market your tutoring agency online. However, in order to improve your online presence even more you might want to check out this social media strategy for tutoring businesses.

Be Creative in terms of Content

As well as you like to see and read different content and articles so does your audience. Do not only publish text; try with infographics, videos, images, inspirational quotes, etc.

Create an Agenda and Stick to It

Write down a list with everything you consider relevant publishing on social media. Now, schedule how you're going to publish it; for example, on Monday a blog post, on Tuesday an infographic...

Gain more Twitter Followers

For the latter, follow the simple 4-1-1 rule. It consists of you tweeting 6 times a day:

  • 4 times you will post something relevant to the business that you are in.
  • 1 time you will retweet something interesting.
  • 1 time you will post something original. Meaning a blogpost, a video of your own creation.

Improve your Facebook Engagement

There are many ways to lure more people into your social media platforms and to increase your popularity. For instance:

  1. People love to see their content and their friends' content shared by brands. Instead of your own, you can use your followers' content to give your post a viral push.

  2. Ask your fans questions as they will be delighted to give feedback about your service or product. You can also engage them with surveys and similar things.

  3. Share other people feelings. By posting quotes from inspirational people you may reinforce your company's brand.

  4. Let them decide "Like" versus "Share". Ask your followers a question and offer two possible answers. Let them answer by liking if they feel one way or sharing if the other.

  5. Use hashtags. By using common terms you will create awareness and engagement.

Improve you Google+ Engagement

  1. Create a personal page in addition to your business profile. This will basically reinforce your business brand and let people associate it with a real face.
  2. Use your Google+ account as a micro blog. Publish high quality content and use the right hashtags.
  3. Similarly to what you've surely done with the rest of your other platforms, add only relevant business people to your circles.

General Tips

  • Figure out when it's the best time to post for your audience. It might be early in the morning or during the afternoon...
  • Use Google Alerts to find news topics. Subject may go as wide as ‘business advice for startups' to as niche as ‘how to succeed as a tutoring business' if you're a tuition agency. You may use a feeds reader such as Diggreader in order not to overload you email account with spam and to tidily allocate every article that comes up.
  • Look for trending topics your fans, users and/or followers are talking about.
  • Use the right keywords when writing your own content. Google Keyword Planner is an useful tool to do so.

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