🎨 Brand New Feature Spotlight: Theming!

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Updated  Maahi Islam


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We’re really stoked to introduce you to our newest feature, available for all users, Theming! We mentioned back in our 2024 Roadmap that Custom Theming was something that we were really keen to work on, and we’re happy to say it’s been a great success! 

How do I enable Custom Themes?

It’s super easy. Head on over to System > Settings > System Customization > Custom Theme. Once you’re there, you'll see the customization options that are available to select from. If you’d like a deeper dive into what all the options are, feel free to read through our Help guide here. 

You can make some really cool design choices with the custom theming options. Whether you want to align the colours and font with your branding, or make it more personal to you, you’ve got complete freedom to do so! I’ve dropped a few examples of what you can do below 👇

🎨 Brand New Feature Spotlight: Theming!
🎨 Brand New Feature Spotlight: Theming!
🎨 Brand New Feature Spotlight: Theming!

What should we update next? 

As always, the TutorCruncher team wants to know what improvements you want to see in our system! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to get in touch via email at, through our in-app chat or by going to the Support tab within your TutorCruncher system. 

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