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Do you ever have a few minutes of down-time when you’re waiting for the next lesson to start?

We set ourselves a goal of giving Tutors and Admins something fun to do to occupy their time. Tutoring is serious business, but it doesn’t all have to be serious!

“TutorCruncher: Dinos at Dawn” will be launching on Steam on May 15th, but what is it?

You’ll play as Terry the TutorCruncher Dinosaur, in an open-world role playing game, as you roam the fertile grasslands of Educatoria! 

A screenshot of the new Game, Dinos at Dawn, with Terry the TutorCruncher Dino surronded by wonders

You’ll fight hundreds of varied and terrifying enemies, like Illiteracy Goblins, who creep around at night and steal words from children’s minds, Underachiever Ghouls, who haunt their victims with visions of low test scores, and the evil Slackerfaeries who suck inspiration from their enemies!

But you won’t be alone, you’ll also make friends along your journey to help you on the road to success, like Sir Peer Instruction, an unruly but kind-hearted knight who sometimes drops by to help, the Metacognition Dwarves, who never take “I know” for an answer, and the helpful Phoneme Gnomes!

It’s not just fighting though! You’ll also spend time crafting tools which will help you along the way, learning materials, exam papers, gold stars and much, much more!

A pixel art landscape at sunset with a king dinosaur and several wizards.

Upgrade to our VIP package for access to premium wearables, including a huge array of caps and gowns, as well as automatic enrolment onto our upcoming DLC, “Dinos at Dawn: Higher Education”.

We’ll be dropping new trailers every week between now and May 15th on our YouTube channel, so keep an eye out there to learn more!

- TC Games Inc.

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