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As the year winds down, we wanted to take a look back at what we’ve managed to achieve recently. We’re entering a time of year where everyone and everything starts to slow down and unwind in anticipation of Christmas, however we’ve actually sped up! But more on that later 😉

Speedups - The fastest we’ve ever been!⚡

Our development team has been dedicated to enhancing the overall speed of the system. TutorCruncher has never been busier, with more people using the platform than ever before. The blue lines on the graphs below indicate how busy our system is, and the red lines represent system speed and responsiveness.

🎄December Newsletter🎅

As you can see, even as usage increases, the system is getting progressively faster! We’re currently 38.5% faster with regards to “Job Duration”, an improvement in response time by 20.4%, and all whilst being 11.5% busier than we were in the month prior to launching these speedup changes! These are phenomenal results and should really improve the quality of life of all TutorCruncher.

Bank Transfer Changes

We've implemented some changes in how we handle bank transfers, and we're excited to share the updates with you! 

We’ve introduced the concept of “Default Payment Methods” and here's how we'll be updating them:

- If your clients currently use GoCardless for invoice payments, their default payment method will be set to GoCardless.

- If their usual method is bank transfers, that will become their default payment method.

- Otherwise, we'll set their default to pay by card.

For your clients who may want to pay via bank transfer, the invoice won't be automatically charged. Instead, they'll receive a payment request email and the Invoice PDF with instructions on how to make the payment via bank transfer.

Moreover, within TutorCruncher's Stripe payments page, there's now a dedicated tab to easily view all invoices and payment requests with payments made specifically through a Stripe bank transfer. These changes were made with the aim to enhance the flexibility and clarity of payment options for you.

If you’d like to have a deeper dive into the Bank Transfer changes, you can have a read through our article which covers all the details here

Feature Request Form

We're excited to introduce a new Feature Request Form to streamline the process of requesting new features. This form is designed to make it easier for you to submit your feature requests, ensuring that your input is efficiently compiled and communicated to our development team. 

You can access the Feature Request Form here. Both our support team and development team will use this form—support will gather and compile your responses, which will then be handed over to the development team for review and potential inclusion in their pipeline.

Your feedback, as always, is crucial to us! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the Feature Request Form, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch with the support team at and let us know if there are any changes or additions you'd like to see.

Stripe Update

We've made it simpler to handle payment settings in Stripe accounts. Now, if there are issues such as inactivity, you can now easily remove the problematic account directly from the interface. This improvement aims to streamline the management of payment settings, particularly when users face problems with their Stripe accounts.

🎄December Newsletter🎅

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