✈️ From Aviation to Academia: The Success of Golden Brain Academy 🧠

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The people behind Golden Brain Academy

We had a chat with the folks behind Golden Brain Academy (GBA), and we're excited to delve into their journey running a tutoring company! Run by Richard & Alison Goulden, GBA specialises in online tutoring for students worldwide. They've been using TutorCruncher since 2021 and have been growing with us year on year! Richard, who spent two decades in the aviation and travel industries decided to take a big step and transition from working in a corporate environment to running his very own small business. Whilst this has had its benefits for things like flexibility, easier manoeuvrability and faster decision making, it also comes with its own set of challenges. 

How GBA Tackle Cash Flow Challenges

For anyone who's run a small business, tackling cash flow hurdles is a familiar challenge, and Richard & Alison can certainly attest to that. Their approach in overcoming this involved ramping up efforts to attract more clients during peak academic seasons whilst prioritising tutoring quality. Richard drew inspiration for this strategy from his past experience in aviation. He noticed a significant focus on maximising resources during busy periods rather than the quieter ones.

“If I use an airline analogy, they are really focussed on ensuring revenue is maximised during the summer and Christmas peaks”

Richard explained how this approach not only helps to make cash flow more consistent during the busy periods, but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, as happy parents tend to spread the word to others who might be interested in a tutoring service for their children. 

These challenges, in turn, presented Richard opportunities for inventive solutions. He emphasised that the autonomy in his business provides a great deal of flexibility, a quality he fully leverages. As mentioned earlier, GBA's expertise lies in online tutoring, allowing them to cater to clients globally. This approach has proven successful for GBA, thanks to tools available for educators and businesses in the tutoring space. Examples of such tools include Online Whiteboards, which make teaching and learning easier and more engaging, and Business Management software like TutorCruncher. Richard notes,

"TutorCruncher has been a crucial implementation, allowing us to concentrate on areas that help our business thrive."

The Challenges of Online Tutoring

Following on from the discussion around online lessons, we also asked Richard how he manages to maintain a high level of tutoring whilst keeping students engaged. Students often struggle to pay attention online as well as in physical classrooms, so keeping them engaged through the internet can be a challenge. His approach to combat this is to trust educators and equip them with the necessary tools to ensure the best experience for students. He emphasises,

"Not every educator teaches the same way, so for us, it's about working with great tutors and trusting their skills to deliver excellent outcomes."

However, GBA doesn't rely solely on this approach to guarantee effective lessons. They also take measures to shorten lesson times for younger students, avoiding overwhelming them with prolonged screen exposure. Richard has had conversations with parents who have expressed their concerns regarding prolonged amounts of screentime,

"Parents are concerned about screen time but are content if the screen time is dedicated to educational activities."

Key Takeaways

The journey of GBA with Richard and Alison Goulden at the helm, exemplifies the evolution of a small tutoring business. From overcoming cash flow hurdles by strategically maximising efforts during peak seasons to leveraging technology, GBA showcases adaptability and innovation. Richard's aviation-inspired strategy not only ensures financial stability but also fosters a community of happy parents and ambitious students.

Ultimately, Golden Brain Academy's story serves as a testament to the resilience and success achievable through a blend of strategic vision, effective use of technology, and a commitment to student-centric education. 

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