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Our developers have been working hard in recent weeks on some new features that we think will have a big impact for your agency. We'll be shooting through those in full, and also let you know how you can get the most out of these for your agency as we approach the Summer months.

Custom Domains

We’re excited to let you know about a new feature which we are making available to all of our users. You can now request to have a custom domain added to your account, allowing you to get the full white-label experience for your agency. So what is a custom domain? A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. A domain name is the URL or web address where visitors find your site, so whenever they access TutorCruncher for your agency's account, they will see your company's website address, rather than Tutocruncher’s.

Why Choose a Custom Domain?

Custom Domains are a great way of building a brand. Not only does it enforce your agency's presence, but it also adds a sense of professionalism as well. Clients will no longer have to worry about accessing different URLs, making it easier for visitors to find you on the web.

How much will it cost?

Adding a custom domain to your TutorCruncher account will be an additional £75 per month ($100 USD).

How do I request it?

Requesting a custom domain is easy, you can request that by going to Support > Tickets and opening a new ticket, or you can shoot us an email at

You can read more information on using custom domains just here

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